Friday Dog Blogging

Hi Everyone!  This is Genevieve, and I thought you might like to hear about the stressful week I’ve been having!

So my Big Boss got the dopey idea this week that I might enjoy a trip to a very strange place called the ‘dog park’.  Have you heard of these places?  Scary!  What happens is, they take you in, take you off of your leash (how am I to feel secure if I’m not on my leash???  HELLO!), and then try to get you to join a wild pack of dogs that are running around like they might be insane.  What’s to like about that?  So I told him, using the best body language I could, that I did NOT like it there, and I would like to please go for a nice walk.  I mean, these dogs are crazy!  They run run run all the time, they’re really big, and they like to wrestle and fight like my dog-cousins Piper and Sam.  Well, Piper and Sam are very small dogs, and they’re both just puppies (they’re sisters!), so I can ignore them and let them fight each other.  But these dogs are full grown, and by that I mean BIG!  And scary!  I may LOOK kinda big, but I’m mostly fur, and these dogs are NOT.  They look like they might be willing to break rules, poop on my poop, that kind of thing!  And sometimes they bite!

So then Big Boss comes home and talks to Medium Boss and tells her, “Blah blah blah, Genevieve is like the kid at school that won’t play with anyone, blah blah blah, maybe she’s a loner dog, blah blah blah, is she a loser dog? blah blah blah”.  I mean, didn’t he understand my body language?  I put my tail down.  I walked away from the other dogs.  I tried to not let them sniff my butt.  I did everything I could think of!  Look at these pictures that big boss took of our THIRD DAY IN A ROW at the stupid dog park.  Look at my body language.  Could it be any clearer that I am not interested in being near these scary dogs?

Look at this.  There’s another dog in the far background of this picture, and there are many others wandering around getting all rowdy with each other, and am I interested?  No.  Just sniffing.  I love sniffing.  You smell the most interesting things!  You can tell what these other dogs have eaten!  This one ate chicken!  Not fair!

Here I am, waaaaayyyy over by the fence, about as far away from the other dogs as I can get.  I’m not scared over here.  Look at my tail.  It’s up and pom pom-ish (that’s what Medium Boss says), so I’m not scared.  This dog ate generic dog food!  That’s abuse!  Call the authorities!

Last picture.  This is me when they tell me it’s time to get the heck out of the stupid ‘dog park’ and go for a nice walk around the stinky lake.  I love the stinky lake!  It smells so interesting!  Lots of smells. Fish. Ducks.  Duck poop.  Geese.  Goose poop.  Other dogs.  Raccoons.  Possums.  I have a sensitive nose, I know what all these smells are!  I try to tell my bosses to not be in such a hurry, stop and smell the duck poop, but they don’t understand.  They both have colds and their noses are all stuffy.  Maybe that’s why they won’t stop and smell.  I feel bad for them.

Big boss didn’t take any pictures of me in the ‘little dog’ area.  It’s better!  Not so scary!  You’re supposed to be under 30 pounds, but hey, I’m only 36 lbs, and the dogs in there are MUCH nicer!  Of course, none of them wanted to play, but that’s a good thing, because playing is a stupid waste of time when you could be sniffing!  Maybe we can go back to the little dog park again someday soon!


11 thoughts on “Friday Dog Blogging

  1. oh I love it!

    One of my dogs would HATE the dog park and the other-I would never get her out. She is such the social critter.

    Thanks so much for the giggle!

  2. Starshine, I think you HAVE to be opinionated to live in this house! 😉

    Molly, I’m glad to hear there are other dogs who don’t feel social. We sometimes worry about our loner dog!

  3. Haha….I got back in town, just in time for “Friday Dog Bloggin'”!!!I love it when you do this.

    Ab & Em know what ya mean Gen……..when ya say “They look like they might be willing to break rules, poop on my poop, that kind of thing!”

    I hate it when they do that!!!!!!LOL!!!!
    Good stuff J!!!!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog who is so scared to be around other dogs, and then when she’s on the leash, she goes all Sybil on us and wants to be around other dogs.

  5. Genevieve you have had a very long, stressful week. I hope that Big Boss and Medium Boss will let you rest over the weekend and maybe even take you back to the stinky pond!


  6. Really? I like dog parks! Because I like dogs! But especially dogs close to my size! Because, I’ll admit, the big ones can be a little intimidating. But still! Dogs! We dogs are just the BEST! Of course, my Mom hasn’t taken me to the dog park in months. I wonder why?

  7. dear genevieve. You are a great story telller dog. I enjoyed your story a lot. Sorry you had a bad week. Say thank you to your lady boss for me for visiting me

  8. Dog park is a hit and miss thing for Pip. Sometimes it is fun and others she just wants to leave. But the pee-mail is fun for her to read. Gen and Pip have more fun running around the complex together.

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