X Marks the Spot…

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Almost finished with my April NaBloPoMo letter theme…we’re nearing the end of the month, and the end of the alphabet. I was thinking about what I could write about with the letter X. Hmmm. There are possibilities, of course. There’s the X-Files, X Rays, X Games, Xylophones, Xenophobia, and the band, X. There’s the X Box, Generation X, and X-Mas. The possibilities are, well, not endless, but there are a few. But none that really float my boat, you know what I’m saying? So, instead of writing about a tv show or a concept or a disease or medication or instrument that starts with the letter X, I will instead make a Thursday 13 out of things that I like that have the letter X in their name, OK? (That was a crappy, awkward sentence, but you know what I mean, right? Here goes.

  1. Sex. Let’s just get that one out of the way, so you can all tee-hee and be all Beevus and Butthead about it. “heh heh…she said sex”. Yes I did, so what. If you’re parents didn’t have sex, you wouldn’t be here, so shut up about it.
  2. xoxo. I mean, what’s gonna be wrong with hugs and kisses, right?
  3. Fox. Genevieve has a foxy little face, and it’s very pretty.
  4. Beaux. I mean, when I was dating, way back when. I don’t have any beaux now, unless Ted still considers himself that way. 😉
  5. Text. Not so much in the form of a text book, because my experience was that most of those pretty much suck. But the written word is pretty awesome, and I couldn’t blog without it.
  6. Roux. Hey, it’s pretty handy in a lot of recipes, so a little flour and butter ain’t a bad thing.
  7. Exercise. I especially enjoy walking the dog, swimming, hiking, riding my bike…
  8. Exavier. My 14-year old second cousin. He’s at a hard age, stuck between being a boy and being a man, and I think he’s handling it pretty well.
  9. Excellence. In so many things. Food, clothing, craftsmanship, company, film, music, etc. To do something with excellence is a wonderful thing.
  10. Exuberance. Along the same line as excellence, to feel or witness exuberance is one of the real pleasures in life.
  11. Experience.
  12. Xanadu. OK, I’ll admit it. I LOVED the soundtrack when I was a kid. So what?
  13. Mexican food. Mmmm. We had enchiladas for dinner last night. I also love guacamole, fajitas, carnitas, margaritas, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, salsa, and so, so much more. Now I’m hungry.

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