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Our stupid 5 day forecast

Here we are, at the beginning of the first full week of February, and it’s going to be 75 degrees today. The birds are chirping merrily, the flowering trees are full of flowers, the sun is bright and warm. It would be lovely if only it weren’t so ominous, that this is going to be another drought year. Already, parts of Southern California are in drought. Up here, we’re getting there, again. There is still, surely, a lot of water in our reservoirs from last year’s deluge, but I do wish mightily that our snow pack were deeper. It’s not too late. We could have a wet LATE February (the 10 day forecast is the same as the 5 day forecast, with 0 percent rain for the next 10 days.). We could even have a wet March, though those are less common than wet Februarys. Blech. I read in today’s newspaper that today is the 42nd anniversary of the last time we had sea-level snow in the Bay Area. I remember that day, because it was the only time in my memory that we had snow in Stockton. That was the year we moved back from Alaska, where we had snow and plenty of it. I had no idea that it would be a once in a childhood type thing. I did enjoy it, though my teachers thought I was bonkers for not zipping up my jacket when it was obviously so cold outside.

Tulip Tree in our neighborhood. Some do not have their buds yet, while others are already in full flower.

The same weather pattern that pushes the storms here up north means they pick up cold air, which they then dump on the Midwest and East Coast, so presumably my friends out there are suffering a very different February than we are here. I had to explain to Maya that the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter because he lives in Pennsylvania. If he were a California groundhog, he would have predicted an early spring. The idea that one groundhog should be held responsible for the weather of all 50 states is ludicrous. It is clearly a job to be shared.

Are these camellias? I’m not great with flowers, but I think so.

As Ted is still a member of SAG/AFTRA, we again received screeners to view so he could vote. I haven’t watched a couple of them yet, but of the movies I have watched, my favorites are ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’. I also really enjoyed ‘The Big Sick’ and ‘I, Tonya’. I love getting screeners. The awards also cover TV shows, so we receive nominated episodes, which is strange, because you get only the nominated episode, not the nominated series/season, which feels disjointed, because it is. Speaking of TV, or at least of Netflix TV, I’ve recently binged both ‘The Crown’ and ‘Grace and Frankie’. I liked season 2 of ‘The Crown’ better than season 1. Season 1 was good, but Prince Philip was so annoying and petulant that it ruined it a bit for me. Perhaps he was (or still is) that way in real life, who knows. Season 2, he’s still a little petulant, it’s difficult to be a man in a man’s world, but overshadowed by a woman. Not as difficult as it is to be a powerful woman in a man’s world, or worse yet, a powerless woman in a man’s world, but still, I can be a bit sympathetic to his frustrations. “Grace and Frankie’ is good, as always. I love both Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Ted and I have also been watching the new season of ‘One Day at a Time’, which is great, only because of Rita Moreno. I mean, everyone in the cast is very good, but she makes the show what it is.

This spring will be a big one for us. Maya is graduating from college in May, and we are planning a trip to France to celebrate both that auspicious day, and that this July will be Ted and my 25th anniversary. We had considered going to Italy, but I’m bitter with Italy still, because my Dad died there. Besides, he and my step-mom were there celebrating THEIR 25th anniversary, so I don’t want to push my luck. We’re thinking some time in Paris, and some time out at the coast of Brittany, where Ted has a friend from grad school. The last time we saw him, I wasn’t even pregnant with Maya yet. Crazy. We haven’t made any real plans yet, like hotel or flights, but I think we need to get on that soon. If for no other reason that then, life won’t get in the way.

We haven’t had a real vacation, the three of us together, that is anywhere but to visit family, for about 10 years. I love visiting family, but it would be nice to go see the world a bit as well. Too many times we have planned a vacation (in our minds at least), and then the car breaks down, or we owe money for taxes, or whatever. We always do the practical thing and scale back our vacation, and have a staycation or day trip instead. Not this time.

Speaking of 10 years, it was 10 years ago this month that our lives were turned upside down by my mom’s heart attack, bypass surgery, illness, and death. Well, the heart attack and surgery were February. The rest came later. Then Ted and I both lost our jobs in the recession (thankfully one at a time). Then other things that sucked came into our lives. It was a difficult time for awhile there, and I am very glad to not be in the midst of it anymore. I’m hoping that this will be a good year for us, and of course, for you in your neck of the woods as well. I’ll try to stop by here a bit more often, and your blogs too. I’ve gotten so lazy lately, it’s truly a disgrace. But when the weather is so nice outside, can you blame me? (As if I were outside all of the time, soaking it up, rather than inside, working at my desk, cooking in my kitchen, or watching TV…HA!)

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  1. Oooh, you HAVE to stop un Brussels, conveniently on the way between Paris and Brittany! And you never know, flights might be cheaper and you can use us as a base πŸ˜‰

    • Paola, I would love that! It would be great to see Brussels…we went through via train in 93, on our way from Amsterdam to Paris, but that is it. It does look like it’s the opposite direction from Paris to Brittany, though, so we would have to see what our schedule looks like.

      • well, I suppose it’s not really in between πŸ˜‰ But it’s 1h and a bit from Paris to Brussels…. At a push we can come and visit you there! I’m taking Giulia for a weekend in March, for her birthday….

  2. I came here to say the same thing, obviously πŸ˜‰
    Brittany is lovely too. We have some tips, if you need any. We went to Mont St. Michel, St. Malo, Dinan and Honfleur.

    • Simon, thank you for the ideas! I know we’re going to Brest, where Ted’s college colleague lives. I want to see Giverny. Beyond that, not sure. Any other tips for Paris or Brittany would be welcome.

  3. What lovely pictures! I am sincerely trying not to feel Put Upon and Envious and Downright Irked, here in NEO with yet another round of snow (HEY! I JUST SHOVELLED YESTERDAY! KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF UP THERE!), a forecast of more every damn day for the rest of the week, and temps…oh, forget it. It’s effing cold.

    Your trip sounds wonderful and well-deserved. I know all of you will have a great time exploring and eating and drinking your way along. It will be relaxing, bonding, and memorable.

    Let’s hope that your weather does not foretell bad news for the future. Despite Punxsutawney Phil getting all the glory for his prognostications, we here in Ohio have Buckeye Chuck AND Thistle the Whistlepig. It just so happens that all three agreed this year that there will be six more weeks of winter. IF ONLY! We all know around here that we are likely to get snow and ice and cold well through March and early April. πŸ™

    • Nance, I know, you are having a horrid winter. I’m sorry for that, and wish we could have some of your storms and give you the warmth. Not that I’m wishing for snow HERE, but snow in our mountain ranges would be handy right about now.

  4. nance has said what I’d like to say about our weather here. I am beyond tired of this winter, that arrived early and has been rather indecisive about its intentions. France sounds like a fun trip. And 25th wedding anniversary, too. I cannot believe that Maya is going to graduate from college. When I think of her I think of a little girl going on Girl Scout outings.

    • I know, it’s crazy. I think about Girl Scouts sometimes, especially now when they are out selling cookies, and I wonder where the time went.

    • It did, and has a couple of times since we have lived here. Doesn’t count to me, as I will only count sea level snow. πŸ™‚ Meaning, at least in front of our door.

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