Friday Randomness

Wow…it’s been over 2 months since I last posted here. I wonder if the J who posted every day, sometimes multiple times a day, would believe that this time might come? Sigh. I like blogging, it’s just that all too often lately, it doesn’t even occur to me, when priviously it was as though my life was fodder for the blog.

So…what’s new in the life of J?

Well, I started my new job June 1st. I ended my last job May 27th, giving me a grand total of 4 days off between jobs. I regret that a bit, but on the other hand, I didn’t really have any money to go anywhere, and we would have had to find someone to take care of Mulder, and Maya was still working at the time, and Ted didn’t have any vacation time either. So be it. So work work work it is. But I work from home still, which I still really like. My job is different than anything I’ve done before, which is good. I like my coworkers. We had a big meeting to go to in mid-June, meaning I had to get dressed and leave the house, and see my coworkers in person. I liked them even more in person than over the phone, so that’s a good thing. We’re hiring another new person on our small team, she starts Monday, so I guess that means I won’t be the new girl anymore.

Puppy Boy Mulder is doing well. He doesn’t pull nearly as hard on the leash when out for his walks. He doesn’t bark nearly as much as he did when we first got him. Sometimes the neighbors can even walk by without setting him off, though the group of idiots outside our window playing Pokemon Go quite loudly at 11:20 one night was too much for him to resist. I can’t say I blame him on that one. Also, Mulder appears to be part cat. I bought him a laser pointer, and he loves to chase the little light around the house. Also, he likes to torture bugs. He caught a fly the other day, and he kept it alive and under his control for too long. I was going to try to put it outside, but then he ate it. Oh well.

This week saw both of the cars go into the shop. Ugh. One car was overdue for some maintenance type stuff that we’ve been putting off, and finally were able to manage. Expensive. Then while the one was in the shop, the other decided it was a good time for the fan/air conditioning to blow. Nice when it’s over 100 degrees every damn day. That wasn’t AS expensive, but it wasn’t cheap by any means. Both cars had better behave for a good long while now. And as Ted so wisely said, at least it’s cheaper than a new car.

Maya graduated (with honors) with her AA-T from our local community college in May. AA-T is an Associates of Arts specifically for Transfer students. They didn’t have such a thing when I transferred from my local community college way back when. Back then, you only graduated with an AA if you weren’t planning on transferring to a 4 year University. We didn’t celebrate much, other than to get takeout sushi for dinner, as she had a paper due that night anyway. We’ll save the celebration for when she graduates from Cal. Speaking of which, we made our first payment to Cal for Maya’s tuition yesterday. It’s getting real! Classes start in just a couple more weeks. Crazy.

Tomorrow we’re going to Sacramento to attend the wedding of my college roommate, Troy. I haven’t seen him in ages, and we reconnected via Facebook. He and his husband (they actually got married a month or so ago, tomorrow is the celebration) are planning to become expats and move to Spain in the next year. I wish them all the best, and am looking forward to celebrating their life together with them.

Have you watched “The Great British Baking Show”? We started watching a few weeks ago, got hooked quickly, binge watched all we could watch here in the US, and now are settling down to just watching new episodes on Friday nights (PBS). It’s really good, and I generally don’t watch a lot of reality type TV, other than cooking shows…and this is a reality cooking show, so there you go. But I like it much more than Chopped or any other reality competition type cooking show I’ve seen.

I watched as much of the conventions as I could stomach. Meaning very little of the Republican convention, and most of the evening portions of the Democratic convention. What I saw on the R side gave me the willies. I did like what I saw on the D side. I liked seeing the Bernie supporters getting rowdy, even though they were pretty disrespectful. I think Democracy is somewhat messy, and people have the right to be heard. Both of the Obama speeches were amazing. I was remembering Obama’s speech in 2008, and how he made me almost believe in a better world. He has that talent when he gives a really good speech, and it was a pleasure to see that in action again. I wish Hillary had that gift, but I’m happier for the policy type gifts that she does have, and I suspect they will mean more if she is President than being able to enthrall a room of doubters. I do hope so very much that she is our next President, and that she gets a decent congress and doesn’t blow that. I’ve always been cynical about politicians. None of them have yet managed to prove me wrong on that stance.

That’s it for now…hopefully it won’t be 10 weeks before I blog again. Now maybe I’ll try to come and see what you’ve been up to, my bloggy friends.

2 thoughts on “Friday Randomness

  1. Lovely to see you At It again, dearie. I always stop in with Hopes, just in case.

    We’ve been baking in drought here in NEO, and we’ve lost some lovely landscaping items, unfortunately. A gorgeous old Japanese maple, a tall cedar, and a couple of other flowering shrubs just suddenly dried up and died. The maple left us in the four days we were in Canada.

    Mulder sounds (and looks, come to think of it) an awful lot like my fluffy grey cat Marlowe. She is a bug tracker/snacker, but the laser pointer’s mystique wore off quickly for her. She figured out very soon that I was holding it and went right to my hand and batted it instead of the dot.

    She makes everything difficult.

    • Nance, she’s bright! Mulder knows too, when I pick up the pointer he gets very excited before I even turn on the light. He loves it.

      So sorry about your garden. We have to water our plants every couple of days in the summer and fall, not so much in winter and spring. To die in four days, that’s horrid. Drought sucks.

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