It’s Raining, it’s Pouring…

So happy about all of that beautiful rain we’re hoping for over the next several days*. We had a nice January, but February was dry dry day. And the ad at the bottom for slippers? I bought a pair of orthaheel slippers (not the Gemma, the Adilyn) and they are the most comfortable slippers EVER. They have arch support, not just a nice cushion at the bottom. Since I work from home, comfy slippers are important.

* I hope I’m not counting chickens before they’re hatched…we need a very wet March to make up for a very dry February. It hasn’t started raining yet, but having several days in a row coming up is a really good thing.

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6 thoughts on “It’s Raining, it’s Pouring…

  1. I hope you all get tons and tons of soft, kind rain. I really do.

    We are locked into yet another round of 20s and 30s with chances of Lake Effect Snow and I am so morose and Over It that I could die. They had originally forecast 60s by Monday, but have taken that away from us, too, and it is now down to 40s or 50.

    Has there been any dire talk of the vineyards?

  2. You deserve your rain. Fingers crossed that it happens. Here winter drags on, teasing us with a 60 degree day every week or so. This has been the stupidest, most indecisive winter yet. *meh*

  3. Ally, I’m sorry you and Nance are suffering through the winter blechs. Assuming we do get the rain they’re predicting this upcoming week, I hope somehow that means beautiful weather for you.

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