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Back in the 2008 primaries, the choice for Democrats was between Clinton and Obama. I looked at them as both too centrist for my taste, but if those were my choices, I wanted a woman President, so I voted for Clinton. I remember my liberal mother being displeased at this decision, as Clinton voted for the war in Iraq, and she was unwilling to let that go. I felt like the political climate at that time was such that it would be political suicide to vote against that war, especially if you were a Senator in New York, so I looked past it. Perhaps that says something not very good about me, I don’t know.

In those same primaries, Ted also looked at Clinton and Obama as centrist, and he wanted a President who was a person of color. So he voted for Obama. We pretty much cancelled out each others’ votes, but we didn’t care. It felt really good to vote for a woman and a black man.

This time, though, I’m having more trouble.  I keep waffling between Clinton and Sanders. I like Sanders’ ideas, and he’s NOT too centrist for me. The things he wants to fix, I sincerely believe need fixing. Our political system is mired in corporate money. Higher education is obscenely expensive. Healthcare is obscenely expensive. Clinton says she wants to fix these things, but so did Obama, and he didn’t get terribly far. Not far enough for me, certainly. So maybe I should vote for Sanders.

But then, I think Clinton is likely a better manager, perhaps better at getting things done. With the right pressure from the left side of her base, perhaps she could fix some of these things.  And Sanders voted against gun legislation that I would have liked to see, likely for the same reason that Clinton voted for war.  Because it kept him in office.  Politicians who piss off their constituents get voted down.

But then there’s this.  I still really, really want a woman president. I am convinced we will have one in Maya’s lifetime, and pretty sure we will in mine. But I’d like to have one in my Great Aunt’s lifetime, and she’s going to be 92 in April. She has given money to Clinton ($10 I think), because she wants a woman President. I think having a black man as President has brought a lot of the racism in our country to the forefront, and we, as a nation, are more aware and accepting that this shit really does happen. Maybe we would have been just as aware with a white President, since so much of what has been unearthed is through video cameras on phones.  But the hatred and disrespect (remember “LIAR!” during the State of the Union?) he has faced has boiled over into people’s consciousness.  And will Clinton be able to get things done? Depends a lot on the Congress. Bill Clinton’s Congress sure hated him, didn’t they? The current Congrss hates Hillary even more.  She may be hated as much as Obama.

So here I am, stuck between my ideals and my dreams. Those of you not on Facebook, this is a good time for that. My political Democrat friends are all posting, daily, their reasons why Sanders is a better pick, or why Clinton is the better choice, and no, it doesn’t confuse me, but it does get a little old. California doesn’t have our primaries until June, so I have a lot of time between now and then to see what’s going on, to think about this a little more, and figure things out. I’ve always kind of laughed at people who are undecided up until the last minute, thinking they weren’t paying attention. But I’m paying attention. I just don’t know what’s best…for me, for my daughter, for my country.

What about you? How’s your decision making process going?

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  1. I finally told my Facebook ‘friends’ that I’d had it with partisan posts and was hiding them all. I am fine with cultural and societal issues but partisan, no thanks. There are too many months left before this is decided and the rhetoric is heated. I am a Bernie fan but it looks to me as though the establishment wants Hillary and she’s going to get it. He likely will be gone before Oregon even votes in the primary. Sad as I do not trust her, don’t like her goals, feel she is too warlike– still. But in November, if it’s her, I’ll have no choice based on social issues that matter to me. I do not trust any of the right wing choices. Trump is a wild card. I will vote Dem as I don’t think I could vote for a third party when it was likely to send the win to the right. Terrible thought given all the Supreme Court justices who may be nominated in the next four years.

    • California doesn’t vote until June 7th, so I know what you’re talking about. I doubt Bernie will be gone by then, though, if it stays close like this. But who knows, there’s a long time between now and then.

  2. I really like Bernie, but his age concerns me. I’m kind of glad we Californians are spared all the political ads afflicting the mass media in other states. South Carolina sounds positively scary. It will probably be over by the time it gets to us. and when it comes to the general election, it will be a very easy choice. Hillary is pretty much the establishment candidate, but I still think she will do a good job, especially given the right wing alternatives.

  3. I see no one on either side who I think would make a good president. I’d prefer to see a Democrat in the White House, but Bernie and Hillary both seem too old for the job to me. There’s no one else in the entire Democratic party who’d consider running for the office? And as for the Republicans, each one of them is more whacked than the previous one. Of course, there’s lots of time between now and November for some real candidates to appear. I can only hope.

    • I really like Elizabeth Warren, but she’s almost as old as Hillary. I don’t mind people in their 60s and 70s for President, I guess, as long as they know what they’re doing.

  4. Your thoughts are so close to my own, and I’m glad I’m not alone! I’m feeling the Bern idealistically, but want a woman President so much! I’m waffling between them, too. I want universal healthcare, I want an end to systemic racism, and I want to be safe in my own country.

  5. This is from Maureen Dowd’s NYT column today:

    “The country is now aflame with anger and disgust about politicians and bankers who conned trusting Americans and never got punished for it. That fury has led to the rise of wildly improbable candidates in both parties. As the Bush dynasty falls, it must watch in horror knowing that it is responsible for the rise of Donald Trump.”

    The republicans built their party. Now they have no idea what to do with it. But the voters are voting angry, and that’s crazy. Hasn’t anyone ever been sorry for something he or she has done in anger and wished to undo it later, under calmer, more rational circumstances?

    I’m not undecided. As a Democrat, I’m voting for Hillary. As a Realist, I’m voting for Hillary. Bernie Sanders says things I absolutely agree are True. But they remind me of when my husband and I fantasize about winning the Lottery. (Or when DTrump says the Mexicans will pay for his Yooge Wall.) Idealism and Hope are wonderful things to have, but Hope (and Change) smash against the brick wall that is Reality, (i.e. the American Congress). We still have a system of checks and balances, and the Executive Branch has to know how to work and work hard.

    When President Obama was elected, I worried when he said that he was mainly going to provide Vision and allow others to carry out the nuts and bolts of that Vision. I don’t see Vision and Idealism cutting it again. Like you, J., I see a need for a good Manager. Someone who will get into the thick of it and work it.

    Ohio–my state–has begun its early voting. I will vote this week.

    • Interesting to have all of these opinions that vary on who we like and why. All very good reasons. I posted on Facebook about this (a link to my blog post) and asked my republican friends if they’re waffling as well. Some said yes, some said no. It’s an interesting election year, that’s for sure.

  6. I’m with you on this one, Jules. I’m much more in tune with Sanders & his agenda, but I also think he’s not strong enough to deal with those expletive-deleteds in Congress. He reminds me a lot of Carter — a wonderful human being, a caring, uncorrupt politician, but doomed to be steamrollered by the Republican juggernaut. But like your mom, I can’t wrap my enthusiasm around Clinton. What I can’t forgive her for is her response when she was caught lying about coming under fire in Kosovo — her respnse was arrogant & totally unreprentent and I don’t think those are good traits to have in a President. On the other hand, it looks as though Mr. Strange Hair just might be the Republican candidate (shudder!), and in that case I think Hilary is the one to beat him. And I too would like to see a woman President. So I guess I’m going to be voting for Sanders in the primary (if he hasn’t thrown in the towel by that time) & Clinton in the general election. Just once, I’d like to be able to vote FOR a presidential candidate instead of against one!

    • Auntie Kate, if you’re voting for Sanders in the primary…what if he wins the nomination? If you feel he will be steamrolled by Congress, wouldn’t you rather he not even get nominated? I guess being here in California with a June primary, we have the luxury of time on our side, and we can see if it looks close, and figure out what to do at that point.

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