Maya’s Senior Ball

2014-05-18 15.26.24Last night was the Senior Ball for Maya and her classmates. The ball was held in San Francisco, at the new Exploratorium (which Ted and I have not yet seen). They started out with pictures in a local park, then moved on to dinner, then a limo ride into San Francisco for the dance. Home again, then to an after party/sleepover at a friend’s house. She drug herself in at about 6:30 this morning, and as of this writing, is still asleep.

I remember my Senior Prom well, what a good time I had, and how nostalgic I started feeling for my classmates, and how we were on the verge of going on into the world and our many separate ways.

I mentioned something about the dance to the checker at Safeway, because I was getting cash back for her share of the limo ride. The checker said that when she tallied up the price of her daughter’s senior ball, it was about $1,000. I was horrified. And very thankful for my daughter, who wore her cousin’s dress, shoes from last year, carried her aunt’s clutch. She did her own makeup, and I did her hair. So we paid for limo, restaurant, earrings, the ball, and a manicure/pedicure. They didn’t do official photos, as they all gather at the park for photos. I’m not sure exactly how much the total would come up to, but it was definitely around $200.

Her date is an aspiring photographer, and actually took her senior photos for her last summer. He had a fabulous camera set up. I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures he took of the group.

Ted put together a slideshow of photos from his phone. Go check it out on his blog.  Gorgeous!

8 thoughts on “Maya’s Senior Ball

  1. That look on Maya is stunning & she looks so happy. The shade of blue flatters her complexion. I know that proms are over the top expensive now, but you did it right. Good job Team J!

      • Kind of like what some people spend on weddings — truly insane amounts. Admittedly, David’s and my wedding was almost 28 years ago,but we pulled off a nice ceremony and reception for well under $1,000. Even then, I read about brides spending more on their wedding gowns than my folks did for their first house. Probably the same for proms. It sounds like Maya has her head — and her budget — under control. Nice picture.

  2. I don’t think my parents spent more than $200 on my Senior Ball, and that was including dinner. I’m trying to think how much the tux was, and I’m going to say $60??? Dinner was probably $35? Tickets to the Ball were $35 per person…so yeah, not more than $200. Of course, that was 1983, so with inflation it’s about $357 in today’s dollars. Okay, my folks spent a lot.

    • I spent very little on my prom…no limo, my date paid for dinner. I rented the tux jacket and such, and his flower. I may have paid for our tickets, but with no meal included they likely were’t too pricy.

  3. Wow, she is so beautiful and looked so happy. I just saw photos of our granddaughter’s first boy friend. She’ll be 16 in September. They just grow up sooooooo fast!

  4. It is worrisome how much some parents are willing to indulge their kids for things like prom. And now a Garter Dance is customary at some proms, as is a limo, etc. Sigh. High school kids go on spring break with friends down to Florida. What’s left to do when they become adults and get married? It’s more than a little disconcerting.

    It’s nice to see and “know” someone like Maya who is sensible and reasonable. She still looks stunning, and I’m sure she had a memorable time.

    • A garter dance? In High School? Um, no. Ugh. Maya and her friends did take a limo, but there were 15 of them, and the ball was in SF, not here. It would have been cheaper to drive, but a hassle. The amount kids spend these days (families, I mean) are crazy. Also, spring break in HS should be a family vacation, if a vacation is had. I protest a lot of the culture these days.

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