The Big 5-0

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Richard is turning 50 today. How can this be?  It’s a shocker in some ways.  He told me recently that he was more affected by my 20th birthday than he was his own.  I think I feel that way about his 50th.  I mean, What?  Then again, 50 is the new 40, or the new 30, or whatever.  Is it weird that I now look at pictures of my grandmother in her early 50s, and my parents, and think they look young?  They looked so old and mature and responsible to me then.  Now I wonder if they knew what they were doing.

I don’t question that Richard knows what he’s doing.  This is just my wandering brain.  He’s living a good life, seems to be enjoying his job, definitely enjoying being married to my wonderful sister-in-law Kathy.  I wish I lived closer, so we could share some cake and ice cream or whatever.  I’m picturing Angel Food cake, which is my idea of his favorite…no chocolate sauce, etc.

Happy Birthday, old man brother of mine.  I’m right behind you.

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