Donut Test

You Are Sensitive

You are very intuitive and insightful. You understand what’s going on around you without needing to be told.

You are naturally nurturing and caring. You look out for people, even if they don’t ask you to.You tend to stay attached to those you love. It’s hard for you to let go when you need to.

You are in touch with your emotions. You know exactly what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling it.

I suspect this is one of the stupid tests referenced in the last line, but who cares. Pick a donut, and they’ll tell you what it means about your personality. Really, what this means is I like chocolate icing on my donuts, and this one looks like it might have had custard inside. Mmmm. Now if they had had a filled maple bar, the results would have perhaps been EVEN MORE accurate.

I haven’t done a blogthing in a long time. Perhaps a few years. But I’ve been lazing around reading my library book all day, and not too interested in blogging, but I am still TRYING to be current with NaBloPoMo, so don’t be shocked if you get a few more of these things.

I started out taking the left/right brain test on Ally’s blog, but it didn’t give me HTML to post here, so I moved on. Anyway, I’m right brained, 68%, according to the test. In case you were wondering.

Back to my book now…

4 thoughts on “Donut Test

  1. You Are Dreamy

    You are a sensitive soul, and you can’t help but be constantly effected by the world around you.
    You are compassionate and kind, especially to creatures and people who are a bit helpless.

    You are idealistic and philosophical. You dream of a better world for everyone.
    You are imaginative and creative. You can’t help but always do things your way.

  2. You Are Dependable. [I picked the glazed donut.]

    You are consistent, responsible, and careful. You always make sure to do the right thing.
    You don’t need much attention or recognition in your life. You’re happy with who you are, and that’s enough.
    You may seem plain on the outside, but you can be quite fearless. You adapt well, and you’re very flexible.
    You are dedicated and strong willed. You stand up for what’s right.

    Well, don’t I sound like a dull person? I don’t like this test! I want to be sensitive, like you.

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