20 Years!

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Wow….20 years ago today, Ted and I were married. I used to say it didn’t feel that long, but I guess I’m feeling older now, and the details sometimes fade a bit. Funny how that happens. What I do remember is that it was a very hot day, that we were surrounded by family and friends wishing us well, and that it was a lot of fun. I remember at the end of the ceremony, wanting to do it all over again! Then there was the reception, which was a LOT of fun, and I’ve not been to another wedding with so much dancing, or such a lovely view.

The other day I told my coworker that we were celebrating our 20th, and he asked me, “Are you ready for the next 20 years?” Interesting question, isn’t it? I’m not the type to renew my vows, because I kind of think if you did it right the first time, why do it again? Then again, that WAS a pretty awesome party…that might be fun to do again. But what he was getting at was a more basic question, and my answer is an enthusiastic YES. I’m so glad that we’re on this trip together, and I’d do it all again.

Here’s our first song from our reception…what a fun evening that was.

8 thoughts on “20 Years!

  1. Happy 20th Anniversary! Your wedding was “a pretty awesome party,” yes; but so much more: It was a richly colorful cross-cultural celebration of life, laughter, and lasting love!

  2. Hey! Look at that happy couple! I think you and I agree that if we could (and the weather wasn’t so hot), we’d opt for the 3 hour wedding ceremony that day.

    Happy 20th!!!

    I love you!!!

  3. Twenty years! Marvelous! I confess when we got married (AFTER twenty years) the soundtrack veered more towards Nick Cave and PJ Harvey but the intention was kind of the same…

    Do you ever find yourself looking in amazement at your daughter thinking “How did we get to here from there?”

  4. Wow. That IS an interesting question, and one I’ve never, ever gotten in almost 32 years (on the 18th) of anniversaries. I hope the honeymoon never stops for the two of you. Here’s to Doing It Right The First Time.

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