Friday Randomness

  • We went to see ‘From Up On Poppy Hill‘ last weekend, which is the latest film by the creator of Spirited Away, Ponyo, and My Neighbor Totoro. This film is different from the others in that there are no supernatural forces or characters at work. Rather, this is a story about two teenagers in Japan at the lead-up to the 1964 Olympics, and deals with the juxtaposition of tradition vs. modernism at that time. It was very sweet, very enjoyable, and I recommend it, though the ending was a bit abrupt. I do like all of these films, quite a bit.
  • Is Obama an idiot for suggesting that the answer to our problems is to cut Social Security, or is he plotting how to make the entire country say, “OH HELL, NO!”  Personally, I think it’s a bit of the idiot, because he’s so darned eager to capitulate to the Republicans, it makes me kind of sick.
  • When we hear stories about children who are obese, whose parents feed them whatever and don’t pay attention to the fact that they’re poisoning themselves, somehow child protective  services gets involved.  Yet look at this girl, who is underweight, and it’s a different story.  The girl has eaten nothing but ramen noodles for the last 13 years, they say she has the health of an 80 year old, she’s got more chemicals and salt and crap in her than could ever be deemed normal, and yet, does anyone get involved?  I don’t think so.
  • Allergies are crappy, right?  Right.  I’m suffering this morning.  Whilst out at the grocery store, I was chatting with the checker, and she said she saw an allergist a few years ago, who said that if you take a 24 hour allergy pill, you should take them at bedtime rather than in the morning.  This is because allergens in the air generally peak at around 3am, so if you take your pill before bed, your pill will be at its most effective when allergens are at their peak, so you’ll be better prepared, vs. trying to play catch-up by taking the pills when the allergens have already hit you.
  • Dishonest tip of the day.  If you buy the good Parmesan cheese,Parmigiano-Reggiano, it is often sold by the pound. I have recently found that if you dig through the various wedges at your local grocery store, there are sometimes wedges that are mislabled, and clearly weigh more than they are marked, so it’s like getting some free cheese. At $15 – $19 a pound, this can make at least a bit of a difference. I doubt that they would actually want you to bring this to their attention, as it would mean more work for them. That’s my justification at least.
  • Maya went from simple wisdom tooth extraction to dry socket, which means we have to apply a clove oil goopy Vaseline ointment to the socket twice a day.  Not easy to do, as she still can’t open her mouth completely.  Poor kid.
  • Tomorrow is the junior prom!  Gah.  I’ll have a picture for you next week, of Maya in her pretty dress.  Nowadays due to provisional drivers licenses, driving curfews, and perhaps trying to keep the kids from drinking, they are taken from school to prom site and home again in a chartered bus.  Also different from when I was a teen is that if a person doesn’t have a date, it’s perfectly socially acceptable to go stag.  A lot of kids are doing just that.  I think if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s probably more fun, less pressure, to go and just dance and hang out with your friends.

4 thoughts on “Friday Randomness

  1. I hope Maya has Super time at the prom despite the set back with the teeth. I don’t know why I refuse to take allergy pills so I suffer in silence with the sniffles.

  2. *I buy asiago cheese rather than parmesan. It’s cheaper, but that’s not actually why. I prefer the taste. I buy a huge chunk and whiz it in my cuisinart. It also freezes nicely in the chunk, so I don’t usually process it all unless it’s pesto season.

    *Dry socket–I remember dire warnings about it, but luckily never had to deal with it.

    *I think the SS contingency was a bargaining chip to bring the republicans to the table, but was a sort of Gascon offer. All they do is say no to everything, so he A) felt safe offering it, and B) can say he offered something they’ve been clamoring for, and they still said no, which makes them continue to look like idiots.

  3. Poor Maya! Are girls’ prom dresses as hard to find out there are they are here? Dresses for the stripper pole? Check. Dresses for luncheon at the retirement home? Check. Dresses that just look cheap and ugly? Check. Nothing classy or flattering to a young girl’s figure unless you order online or pay $500 which–I think–is ridiculous to pay for a high school dress. Naturally, I’m a “boy” mom, but I’ve watched my sister struggle with this when buying dresses for her daughters. It’s GOT to be frustrating.

    • Rainbow, We’re lucky enough to have good shopping places around here, but still, Maya found her dress online, and quite a few of her friends did as well.

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