Meals on Wheels Update

I’m sure you’ve all been tossing and turning in your sleep, worried about Dana, the sweet woman on my Meals on Wheels route who was bumped from the program because she’s not in such dire straits as some of the others on the waiting list.  Well, encouraged by you, my faithful commenters, I went back to her house this week with an extra meal* that I had, and while I was there I dropped off a flyer that I had in the car about the Senior Center, where I pick up the meals for delivery.  They serve lunches on weekdays to seniors, and payment is voluntary for those who can afford it.  Dana does have a car (which is what bumped her from MoW delivery) but she’s not really comfortable with grocery shopping and cooking and all of that.  Her neighbor, Sandy, was also bumped from the program.  So when I got home, I called Dana and gave her Sandy’s contact information.  She told me that she had been thinking about what I said, and that she is considering giving it a try.  I do hope they get in touch and go together sometimes.  I think it would be easier to go to a new place if you had someone with you.  I’m not thrilled with this solution, because, selfishly, I liked seeing Dana every Thursday.  She’s a sweet woman.  But I do feel better, and I won’t worry quite so much about them now.

*Seems like I have a lot of extra meals, no?  Happens sometimes.  Last week it was because we were giving out frozen meals for Veterans’ Day, and one woman didn’t want hers; this week it was because one of the people on my route wasn’t home.  She’s been on hospice care for awhile now, pretty miserable, bedridden, not enjoying her meds.  I like her a lot.  I don’t know what I wish for her.  Release, or that I’ll get to see her again.

7 thoughts on “Meals on Wheels Update

  1. Great idea. My parents used to go to those senior meals and did it for the socializing end as much as the food. She might make good contacts that way if she takes the chance and goes.

  2. Oh, I delivered Meals on Wheels for over 20 years – once a month on Sunday mornings. My children did it with me from the time they were in car seats and I think it was a wonderful way for them to give real service to the community and most of the clients really enjoyed seeing them. I know exactly how you feel about your clients and feeling responsible for them. I will always remember some of my favorites, and I remember some of my least favorites, too. I had a couple of larger men clients and if I had extra meals I’d try to make certain that they got them since the portions were pretty dainty for men of their size. But any extra milk I had always went to this one lady who was desperately poor but who shared her milk with her cat. I always tried to scavenge an extra milk for her. It is a wonderful organization and I truly thank you for for your service!

    • Oh how sweet! Thank you for sharing your cat story with me. 🙂 And wow, 20 years? That’s pretty amazing. Thanks for that service.

    • Debra, I hope she gives it a try as well! It would be a relief. And yes, when you are old, I hope there are volunteers to bring you a meal, and that you’re not stuck on the end of a long waiting list.

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