Ray of Sunshine meme

I haven’t done a meme in a long time. Perhaps years. I found this one at The Spectacled Bean. πŸ™‚
The rules are as follows: 1. Thank the person who gave me this award; 2. Answer the questions below – its all about favorite things; 3. Pass on the award to other sunshine-y bloggers and tell them about it.

1. The Thank You

Thank you Ally Bean for this one. I’ve been following her blogs for years now. She has a lot of common sense, combined with a whimsical and caring heart. A wonderful combination in a person…I wish we could meet in real life, over iced tea or a drink perhaps.

2. The Questions

Favorite color

Green. Sometimes I like a deep, lush green, like a summer day in Philadelphia. Other times it’s a pale green, like a tiny frog or a lizard. It’s a color of life to me.

Favorite animal

Horses. They’re so damn pretty and smart and wonderful, strong and noble and gorgeous, and that little ridge along their mane is just begging to be scratched. I don’t do so well with the riding…maybe I’d do well with a miniature horse as a pet? A close second would be dogs, because they’re friendly and happy and comforting. I’m more likely to own a dog than a horse, though, not only because their poop is much smaller and easier to clean up. Also, because they can sleep next to your bed.

Favorite number

Three. It’s a magic number.

Favorite drink

Chardonnay. Or, perhaps, a really good Cabernet. The thing is, I love the taste and complexity of Cabernet more, but I’m more likely to get a headache. Chardonnay is easier the next day for me.

Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook. I’ve never tried Twitter, so of course it seems like a huge waste of time to me. Just like blogging did. Just like Facebook did.

Your passion

Cooking and reading. I love figuring out new recipes and what to make for dinner. I’m not inventive, I can’t make them up on my own. But I do enjoy figuring out something to make and hoping it will turn out well. Reading, because I love being drawn into a totally new world, one that sits simmering in my brain when I’m away, working or cooking or sleeping, but that boils up when I’m actually reading the novel. Love it.

Giving or receiving presents?

I really enjoy giving presents. I like thinking about what the person would like, and why, and trying to find it. Wrapping it, making it pretty, giving it to them, watching them and seeing their face when they open it.

I less like trying to think of what I’d like when someone asks. That’s difficult.

Favorite day

Of the week? Saturday. You’ve slept in, but you still have practically the whole weekend before you. Of the year? July 3, my wedding anniversary. I don’t care much what we do, but I love my husband very much, and I enjoy the memories of that day.

Favorite flower

Tulips mostly. White or yellow or purple. Lilies, but not the really fragrant ones. Roses, but mostly the really fragrant ones. Peonies or Zinnias, just because they’re gorgeous.


3. The Award Ceremony

Who to pass this one to? Well Cherry is an obvious choice, because she’s my dear friend, but hasn’t blogged since January (busy with a toddler and another on the way). Another would be Starshine, though she’s busy with a toddler and a preschooler, so who knows if she’ll find time either. Then there’s Chrissy, again, mother of a toddler. I need to tag older friends, clearly. Still, I’d like to hear what these three have to say. Anyone else who’s interested, let me know.

13 thoughts on “Ray of Sunshine meme

  1. I’m glad that you decided to do this meme. Thanks for the compliments, too. Are you trying to make me blush?

    I think that three is my second favorite number– and I like a good glass of Chardonnay from time-to-time for the exact reason that you mentioned. I also like tulips, but am so fickle about favorite flowers. Every season I seem to have a different one.

    • I’m fickle about flowers, too. Tulips are too delicate, and don’t live long, which is upsetting. But I adore them so! Tulips rock.

  2. Hi Jules!

    I like the number 3, too, but 13 is my favorite! πŸ™‚

    Hmmm, maybe this will encourage me to dust off The Starshine Report! It’s been awhile!

    Hugs! Miss you! Maybe we can Facebook chat or have a phone call soon. xo

    • 13 is good, but 3 is a magic number. Except in your family, 4 is the magic number. Until or unless it turns into 5. πŸ˜‰

  3. By the way, do you read the blog Derfwad Manor?

    Mrs. G is the blogger, and she’s on a national tour meeting all of her blog friends. Doesn’t that sound fun??? She’s coming to Houston at the end of this week, and I’ll be meeting yet another blog friend soon!

    I never would have guessed the first time I commented on your blog that you would have become such an important friend to me. Love you!

  4. I WILL DO THIS MEME (at some point in time).

    Actually if I wasn’t hungry and needed to eat before my next slew of meetings I’d do it right now, I swear.

  5. Oh, you and Rick, the Chardonnay Fans. But which Chard, the flowery fruity kind, or the buttery oaky kind? We favour the latter, and have done major searches for just the right ones to stock our cellar. Once we hear the magic phrase (malolactic fermentation), we know we’re on the right track.

    I love the look of tulips, too, but they don’t last long. They are so elegant, yet homey and cheerful. I just wish they smelled nice. For my fave, it’s hands-down carnations. Any color is fine. And I will always have a special place in my heart for hyacinths and lilacs.

    • I love the flowery fruity kind when it’s super hot outside…it’s more crisp, goat cheese, salad type wine. I love the buttery oaky kind when it’s any other kind of weather. Currently in California, I think the oak is in disfavor…meaning, it’s considered pedestrian to like it, whereas more sophisticated palates like a more subtle wine. I don’t care. I like what I like.

  6. Saturday is my favorite day too. And oh, thank you for still maintaining your blog! I still stop by to read from time to time πŸ™‚

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!!! Here’s to many more years to come!

    Small world – I just visited Chrissy last wweek! We (our families) went on an epic road trip.

  8. Shelliza, I’ll admit, I miss your blog. If you ever do decide to start it up again, let me know! In the meantime, I do enjoy keeping up with you and your Conner on FB. And your romance as well. πŸ™‚

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