Happy Birthday, Genevieive!

Genevieve's Corner

Hi Everyone, it’s Genevieve! Guess what? Today’s my birthday! I’m 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13 today! Medium Boss keeps saying I’m 13, and that I’m no longer a tween and had better start acting my age, but that just goes to show that she doesn’t understand dog time AT ALL.

Last week, Medium Boss took me to a new place to have a bath. It was kind of scary, and I’m sorry to say that I dug in my heels a bit and didn’t let her guide me to the car. But it was kind of loud! And there were so many interesting smells! And you know, since the lights went out and the world got dark, I’m a lot more careful. My mommy always said, “If it’s dark, Genevieve, you have to be careful, or you might start bonking into things and you might hurt your pretty face!” My mommy is the smartest, nicest dog ever. I wish you could meet her. I wish I could see her…it’s been almost 13 years since I’ve seen her, and that’s not fair! Anyway, I try to be very careful wherever I go, even in my own den, but still, I bonk my pretty face on things, and I don’t like it. So of course when she took me to the bath place, with all of those busy loud sounds, it was scary! And then do you know what happened? I smelled my neighbor, Barbara, come out of another place near the dog wash! What’s Barbara doing there? Was my nose lying to me? That would be HORRIBLE. I trust my nose. But then I heard her voice, and she was petting me, and I knew my nose was telling the truth. Whew.

So then the day after that was a party for Little Boss’s birthday. Hey, how come I don’t have a party? What? So it was loud and crowded and there was my friend dog, Piper, who came over too. I like the noise and busy, though, because among all of those feet and voices, someone always drops something on the floor for me to eat. Yummy!

Then a few days after that, Medium Boss was giving me my pee pill, which she wraps in meat because otherwise I’ll spit it out, she accidentally gave me one of Little Boss’s vitamins! It tasted funny, but mostly like meat, so I swallowed it. Then Medium Boss realized what she had done (she was still in her groggy morning mode), and she said “Oh NO!” She called the vet and the vet said one vitamin probably wouldn’t hurt me, so she relaxed a bit. She watched me all day, and I felt a little funny, but mostly it was OK.

I still like going for walks, but sometimes I get scared!  It’s so dark outside, and it makes me worry.  So my bosses have been taking me for very short walks, maybe 10 minutes at the most.  I miss walking with Medium Boss for 3 or 4 miles, but crappicola, there’s no way I’m going that far now!  You have no idea what might be out there waiting for you.

On the poop front, I’ve been a very good girl.  I only poop in the den once every week or two!  Good girl Genevieve.  The thing is, I always feel very guilty for pooping in the den.  I know I’m not supposed to.  Medium boss just makes disappointed sounds and cleans it up.  Which is worse, getting your nose rubbed in it, or disappointed tsk tsk?  I’m not sure.  Either way, I don’t like it.  So I try to hold it in.  But hello!  I’m 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13!  I’m no longer a tween!  What do you expect?

Anyway, if you’re thinking of getting me a gift, what I want for my birthday is real au jus!  And meat!  Chicken, beef, or lamb, please!  Maybe a nice bowl of milk would be nice to wash it down.  Please?  Happy my birthday, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Genevieive!

  1. Happy Birthday Gen! You are very special my sweet girl, and we love you very much! Now that you are a teenager,you can have your own cell phone and go on dates!!!! xxxxxx

  2. Genevieve, happy birthday! You are very funny: “but crappicola, there’s no way I’m going that far now!”

  3. Happy birthday beautiful girl. Aaaaah au jus mixed into the biscuit is tops, isn’t it 😉 Lupo would agree with you 100% there Gen 🙂

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