After my walk this morning, I was cracking eggs into the pan for breakfast, when my work phone rang.  Curses!  Eggs don’t wait, what if this turned into a long complicated phone call, and my eggs overcooked!  What to do?  Well, no worry, because the phone call lasted about 30 seconds, my eggs were fine (much to Genevieve’s disappointment), and all was right with the world.

But in that split second, when the phone was ringing and I was looking at my eggs, the following popped into my head:

Mojo Jojo: Now to have some breakfast!
[He finds only one egg in the fridge]
Mojo Jojo: ONE EGG LEFT?! For a nutritious breakfast, TWO eggs is the minimum requirement! And I have but ONE, which is ONE shy of TWO! And it is TWO that I need! Curses! I must immediately purchase some eggs, for I need to have breakfast, and without the eggs I cannot have the breakfast that I so require!
[He storms down the long staircase that runs to the bottom of the volcano, then suddenly skids to a halt]
Mojo Jojo: [pats his outift in panic] I have forgotten my wallet! Curses!
[He storms back up]
[Cut to him returning down, to discover kids playing in his moat]
[The kids ignore him]
Mojo Jojo: [leaving] I must remember to destroy those kids after my breakfast has been eaten.

So then of course, I had to find that episode and watch it, and post it here for you. The benefits of working from home sometimes outweigh the pitfalls. I love when he’s waiting to cross the street. We’ve all been there, right?

I think of all the kids shows that Maya got into that weren’t there when I was a kid, Powerpuff Girls was probably my favorite.  Also Kim Possible, but I think I watched more Powerpuff with her.  Mostly because I adore Mojo Jojo.

How about you, parent bloggers?  What is/was your favorite of your kids TV shows?  Not from your youth, from theirs.

8 thoughts on “Curses!

  1. The girls were crazy for that show! haha My favorite from Autumn’s era were Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys, Doug.. Nichelodeon was fun back then!

  2. We liked “Doug” also. One of the boys had a friend who looked just like Skeeter, except he wasn’t blue, of course. I also liked that show that was sort of based on the Goosebumps series…something like “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” or something like that. Half-hour little scary stories. Very cool. We also liked a game show on Nickelodeon called “Guts”. Can you tell I had two boys? (At one point we had to ban them from watching the Ninja Turtles AND Power Rangers because there was too much fighting.)

  3. Hmm. Ballymorey (sp?) – the strangest and most diverse Scottish Isles village in history.
    Bottletop Bill, mostly for its strange, off-kilter, warblely soundtrack.
    Sarah Jane Adventures!!!
    Charlie and Lola (though the quality has dropped right off)
    I’m Sorry, I’ve Got No Head!

    I could go on and on…

  4. The other day you commented on my blog or Facebook or somewhere about hearing Mojo Jojo’s voice say “Curses” when I said it. Seeing as I had no idea who you were talking out I Goggled it and found the very video you shared. Funny huh?

    My daughter loves the Gilmore Girls. I swear, you can ask her. Ok, maybe not but I fear what shows we’ll be watching in our household before we know it. Maybe we’ll happen to dump the TV around that time 🙂

    BTW – I recently was thinking about Maya and her love for Po.

  5. I have to be honest that Spongebob makes me laugh almost every time that I watch it and so that’s my vote because I’ve learned that as I get older a good laugh is something that I cherish more than educational value.

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