Genevieve’s Corner

Genevieve's Corner

Hi everyone, it’s Genevieve!  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been around here, huh?  I’ve missed your smell.  (I can’t really smell you, you’re too far away, but that’s something that polite dogs say to each other.  And my mommy taught me to be polite.)

So guess what?  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the lights went out!  It’s dark!  It’s always dark!  So I keep bumping into things, which is sometimes OK, and sometimes hurts.  Like yesterday, I was really excited because it was time for my shash (J’s note…that’s Gen’s word for food), and I turned fast and bashed my face on the coffee table!  Ouch!  I cried a bit, but as soon as Medium Boss gave me my shash, all pain was forgotten, and I ate it as fast I could.  You never know when someone else might try to steal your food!  Really people, watch out for your food!  Now I’ve always been a fast eater, but since the lights went out, I eat even faster.  I have found that if I don’t chew my food, I can get it all down in my tummy really fast, and there’s no danger of some other dog (or person…you never know) coming and eating my food.  I would hate that!

My bosses are brave, because even though it’s dark outside, and you can’t see a thing, they still take me for walks.  The walks are much shorter than they used to be, because it’s scary out there in the dark!   My bosses try to warn me of a step up or down on a sidewalk, or a tree that I might bump into, that sort of thing.  They’re very sweet that way.  But my question is, how can they see those things, with the lights out?  Hey boss, be careful, it’s DARK!!!  Mostly I’m used to living in the dark now, though I do miss running around when I get excited.  I used to like to run back and forth and dig and spin in circles to get my ya-yas out, but every time I get a little excited now, I bash into something and it hurts!  So I’m learning to be careful.  Crapicola.  Careful isn’t much fun.

Oh, so last week, my friend Katie Beat came to visit for a whole week!  I like Katie!  She’s a good girl, just like me.  She is VERY brave (or very stupid), because she runs around, even though it’s DARK!  I admire her for that, but gosh, one day she’s going to bash into something pretty hard.  Katie Beat is a little older than me.  I’m 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11.  I think she’s 12.  She has achy bones, she says, and so she doesn’t like climbing up and down the stairs.  That’s fine with me, because that means at night I get to sleep in my bosses room, and she sleeps downstairs.  I like Katie!  But I don’t need to sleep with her right there, you know?  I’ll admit I get a little jealous when she gets attention.   So she slept downstairs, and she never tried to eat my food, and she even shared her cookies with me.  Thanks Katie!  Then her bosses came home from wherever they had been, and she went home.  Bye Katie Beat!  Come again soon.

So that’s what’s new with me.  If you were here, and barefoot, I’d lick your toes for you.  I promise!  I’m polite, remember?

8 thoughts on “Genevieve’s Corner

  1. I’m sorry that it’s always dark where you are, we still have lights, but your Mom and Dad must love you a lot to take you out, even though it’s scary-dark! I hope you don’t hurt yourself any more!



    • Chappy, you still have lights? I thought it was dark everywhere? Who else has lights? Do my bosses have lights? Is it just me who can’t see? What the crap???

  2. Gosh that was a good read……..Genevieve’s corner is good for the soul.I bet you used to tell Maya the best bed time stories when she was little?
    Tell Genevieve Ab & Em send their love.

  3. Geneieve

    Every time we run around we’ll do an extra dash through the leaves and grass for you. Our mom loves to the throw the ball an extra hundred times, so it’s no problem, we pups have to stick together.

    Yours in furness,
    Lizzie and Mitzi in Chicago

  4. I like that Gen used the term “Crapicola” when describing her frustration at being blind. Oh, and she may be blind, but boy her hearing is great when we put food in her bowl. 🙂

  5. Gen, your blog brought tears to my eyes. I don’t cry easily. You are truly a brave girl and very polite too.
    So glad Katie and you had a great time together. You are both very beautiful.

  6. Being in the dark is totally scary! I’m glad your bosses are able to still find your bowl to put your shash in. Those bosses are pretty amazing huh?

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