Leonard Cohen ~ Everybody Knows

It’s getting harder and harder to find you tube videos of songs for this, due to copyright infringement, etc. So here we have Leonard Cohen’s Everybody Knows, which is a great song, but the video is to a TV series, The Man from Uncle. I first heard it in the wonderful and underrated Adam Egoyan film, Exotica. Actually, it was also in Pump Up The Volume, but I didn’t like that movie at all, so I guess I missed the song.

I also really like this L song, Liz Phair, Johnny Feelgood. Couldn’t find a decent video that was embeddable. So click and enjoy. There is certainly a less than savory feel to the song…he is abusive, she likes it. Not the message that you want your kids to hear, really. I can’t help it, though, I like the song a lot. Do I lose my feminist street cred? Watch out for one small F bomb.

6 thoughts on “Leonard Cohen ~ Everybody Knows

  1. I love that film Exotica! I first saw it an a Canadian film studies class in college ( I went to McGill haha) and have never met anyone who even knows the film. So, thank you!

  2. I had the Pump Up the Volume soundtrack and listened to it until the tape broke. As soon as I read the title of your post I started singing this song in my head.

  3. I love Leonard Cohen (and I used to LOVE Man from UNCLE…) My favorite song by him is “First we take Manhattan” – ominous –

  4. I’ve never heard of either song? I’ll forever think of David McCallum as Ducky on NCIS instead of Illya Kuryakin on The Man From Uncle? Enjoyed the video as well as the music.
    “Everybody knows”….you left Gen outside last night….bad girl!!!LOL!!!

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