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Hi Everyone, it’s Genevieve!  I have to tell you about the craptastic time I’ve had lately!  You know how Medium Boss posted a video of me running around like a puppy?  Well, that was about a month ago, and I haven’t done it since.  So the bosses are worried.  And what do they do when they worry about me?  They take me to the vet!  BAD BOSSES!  Why can’t they just give me steak and see if I feel better?  Sigh.

So they first took me to the vet for my peeing, to see if I had something wrong like an infection (?What’s that?).  Well, I could have told them that I didn’t, but they never listen to me.  So OK, no infection, but now I get a little pill hidden in a bite of chicken every morning, which they call “Magic Meat”, because it helps keep me from peeing myself accidentaly.  I’m glad about that, because I LOVE magic meat, and I do NOT like peeing on myself.

But I’m still not running around like I was just a little while ago, so they took me BACK to the vet.  NO!  They took blood from me to test my thyroid.  What’s a thyroid?  I don’t know.  Anyway, the doctor said my thyroid was lower than it used to be, but still within the normal range, whatever the heck that means.

So BACK I went to the vet, where they made me lay down on this weird thing and take X-Rays.  Weird, huh?  The vet said my spine shows some signs of pain, that might be pinching nerves.  So they’re going to give me more Magic Meat, which is supposed to be a painkiller.  What?  If they would just LISTEN TO ME, I would tell them what is wrong.

But they don’t listen, so here we are.  They’ve spent about $800 to say maybe I’m in pain, and perhaps they’ll start me on some thyroid medication if the pain killers don’t help.  I swear, they drive me crazy.  1. Don’t take me to the vet anymore!  They’re nice, but I don’t like it there!  2.  Just listen to me, and I’ll tell you what’s wrong!  Why can’t my bosses speak dog language, that’s what I want to know.  We could save a lot of time and effort, I’ll tell you that much.

I’ll keep you updated as to whether the new Magic Meat helps or not, OK?  In the meantime, listen to your doggies, OK?

8 thoughts on “Friday Dog Blogging

  1. Oh Gen. How frustrating that the bosses don’t listen to you. At least you get Magic Meat!

    Glad to hear you aren’t peeing on yourself anymore. Your coat is so pretty and you wouldn’t want to ruin it.

    Hope you feel better quickly and maybe you can get those bosses to just listen. Why don’t you tell us here and we can let them know 🙂

    • Jimmy, it’s been too many decades since I saw Fantastic Voyage! Cute! And the magic meat is hilarious. We only call it that because she eats the meat, and then like magic, she feels better!

      Jehovah’s Witnesses at your door??? You clearly need a butler. 😉 Hey, wasn’t Michael Jackson JW? Think they’re capitalizing on that?

  2. J
    I started to answer the door butt nekid with only one glove on screamin “Beat It”, but they had a little girl with them?
    Nah….I wouldn’t do that!
    Come to think of it?
    They were two nicely dressed little ol’ black ladies with a cute little girl who rang my doorbell. I hope they weren’t capitalizing on The Gloved one’s demise!
    Could you imagine me goin to church with them? Now that would be funny!!!!! I wish I had the nerve and the time, and the acting skills to play that game!

  3. Ohhhhhh, Gen! I hope you feel better soon! My Chance also hates it when we have to bring him to the bad bosses or give him magic meat. You know what? It’s just because the bosses care about you and want you to be happy, healthy, strong and all that good stuff!

    Hugs! XO

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