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Yesterday was Blog Comment Day, and the assignment was to leave at least 5 comments throughout your blogging day (I always do anyway), and that two of these comments should be to blogs where you have never commented before.  Rather than doing a random ‘next blog’ type thing, I decided to mine the blogrolls of some bloggy friends.  I popped over to Red Stapler, and picked two blogs from her blogroll with tantalizing names.

I visited Godammit, I’m Mad!, and commiserated with her frustration at people feeling pretty high and mighty about buying the Starbucks coffee that donated $.05 to AIDS relief on December first.

I also visited I, Asshole, where I read about her job search, her daughter’s ear piercing, and her frustrations with her mom and Thanksgiving.  The post was funny and snarky and much more interesting than I made it sound.

That’s my two new blogs, where I’ve never been before, talk about commenting.  I liked what I was reading, so I decided to do three more new blogs, and find them the same way.  I went over to another blog friend’s place, Stop and Wander, and perused her blogroll for some new stuff.  Found myself at red Ravine, where QuoinMonkey introduced me to a wonderful art project put on by the city of St. Paul, Minnesota.  It’s called Sidewalk Poetry, and wow, what a breath of fresh air.  A city actually putting money into the arts, and engraving poetry into the sidewalks.  I love this idea, though it would make me want to walk with my eyes pointed down, and one must remember to look both ways before crossing the street.

I then popped over to Maekitso’s Cafe, where Brad writes mostly poetry, along with some juicy confessions of his misspent youth.  From a comment on Brad’s blog, I slid on over to Why Paisley, where I discovered just how different some people’s youth was from mine.  I don’t say this to sound condescending or judgmental in any way, but after reading these last two blogs, I am more thankful than ever for the childhood/adolescence that I had.  They were not perfect.  But they were not excruciating either.

Lastly, and I know, this makes six new blogs, Ted told me about his bloggy buddy, Jeff Vrabel’s post in which his 4-year-old son decided to wander down the street at 1am whilst his parents were asleep, and what came after.  Happy ending, thankfully.

I enjoyed Blog Comment Day…it was fun to stretch out and find a few new blogs, and get a peek into the thoughts and lives of some new and interesting folks out there.  Thanks, John, for the prompt. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Blog Comment Day ~ Results

  1. Yay for finding new blogs and making new connections!

    I admit, I didn’t do Blog Comment Day because I knew my schedule was packed, including dinner plans on the Peninsula so there was no way I was reading blogs today.
    (Sorry J (no the other J!))

  2. Wow! You really threw yourself into this!

    I thought Vrab’s post was both terrifying and funny — which is tough to do.

  3. Thanks for sharing your Blog Comment Day itinerary 🙂

    It was a fun day for me. I commented on lots of new blogs, and made some new blogging friends.


    That’s okay!

  4. I used to be a regimented blog reader, then I became a grazer, reading here and there as the spirit moved me and time allowed. Now I’m a blog binger, tending to sit down once or twice a week and hit as many blogs as I can in two hours or so.

  5. Wow, cool. I have never heard of this day before. So I have learned something and discovered your blog as well. Thanks.

  6. ahh, i totally missed the day. but i did it last year and just kept commenting on new blogs….so now i comment all the time 🙂 IF i get online, lol 😉

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