Sloppy Mess of Yum

Yesterday, I woke up and did the usual weekday thing…walk the dog 45 minutes (she’s coming with me less and less often, actually, because I need to get my heart rate up, and she’s 10 years old, and really slows me down…but I brought her yesterday, which she loved), come home, work out to an exercise show I like on FitTV, get Maya’s breakfast ready, and while Ted takes her to school, I sit down to my breakfast.  My plan is usually to have Cheerios and fruit (especially good with a really ripe peach or raspberries), but sometimes, by the time I finish my walk, I’m starting to think of something a bit more hearty. And by the time Gilad has finished with me, Cheerios just ain’t going to cut it.   Yesterday was one of those days.
Sloppy mess of yum
So, I threw together this sloppy mess of yum, really my favorite way to eat eggs in all the world, and gobbled it down. Mmmm. Yes, it’s a lot more calories than cereal and fruit, BUT it’s a lot of veggies, and so filling, you don’t need lunch. Plus, we went for a bike ride after breakfast, so that extra energy was much appreciated!

Want to try my yummy eggs? Here’s the recipe:
Huevos Rancheros

J’s version of Huevos Rancheros, aka, Sloppy Mess of Yum
A bit of diced onion
A bit of diced bell pepper (I like the red best, but any color will do)
A bit of olive oil
Some canned black beans, rinsed and drained
Salsa – our favorite canned is Tostitos brand, believe it or not
Toast, Corn Chips, or Tortilla

Saute your onion and bell pepper in the olive oil. When it’s looking soft enough for you, add the beans and salsa. When that’s warm and bubbly and almost gross looking (sorry, but it is), crack your eggs into the middle of the mess. One of my yolks broke. No problem.  If you don’t mind your eggs sunny side up, you can leave the pan uncovered. If you’re like me (and Frances), and don’t like the way sunny side up eggs just sit there and look at you, cover the pan, and they’ll at least LOOK more like over easy eggs. Simmer until the yolks are set to your liking. Scoop out onto a plate, top with some diced avocado, and enjoy with toast. If you’re feeling totally decadent, substitute corn chips for the toast, and scoop it up like egg nachos.  If you’re looking for something a bit more authentic, you’ll want crispy corn tortillas, and you serve the eggs on top.  If you’re too lazy to chop or dice, you can omit the onion and bell pepper (and thus the olive oil), and depend upon your salsa for all of that veggie and flavor. If you’re insane or stupid, omit the avocado.  See, it’s a very easy, take it as you want to, dish.

Wow them’s good eats.  I told Ted I liked it so much, I would be willing to pay $9 for it in a restaurant. I’m glad that I didn’t have to, though, because $9 is a lot for eggs. 😉

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15 thoughts on “Sloppy Mess of Yum

  1. Mmmmkay! You’ve got me drooling here! I’m all of a sudden craving eggs! Your dish looks AMAZING! *wipes off drool*
    Thanks for posting this! I am going to have to make it sometime. Lately, the only thing I’ve been craving has been Raisin Bran and nectarines! Funny, because before I got pregnant, I HATED nectarines! Now I can’t stop eating them!!!

  2. After exercising, I can eat a cow but that would defeat the purpose for my working out. That looks yummy and very easy to make. Funny, everytime I eat Huevos Rancheros I think of you:) There’s a little Mexican “hole in a wall” nearby that makes a pretty good one.

  3. Oh J that looks so good! I’d pay $9.00 for it too! Especially after payin’ $6.00 this morning for my 2 fried eggs, grits, bacon, toast, and Iced tea…..and then left a $2.00 tip on top of that!

  4. I am the ONLY ONE who likes avocado, and you know what that means: I don’t get any avocado. They are SO perishable, and I don’t dare eat a whole one myself. Sigh. Why didn’t I think to ask Rick that major dealbreaking question BEFORE we got married: Do you like avocado?

  5. Well, I just found you. And your food looks delectable. But frankly, what I’m most pleased about is the Obama image in your sidebar! I’m 51 years old, live in East Texas (yeah, practically in hiding). I have been blogging about my garden since Dec. 2007. I am married to a physician, and we’re pondering putting up an Obama sign in our garden home yard. But afraid we may get shot. Nice to find good company!

  6. Just stopped in to visit your mother’s blog after being tied up for several months with caring for my own mother and found your last post. While I wasn’t a frequent commenter there, I did love to read about your mom’s views and life experiences. I thought she was a kick in the pants, and I wished more people were like her. I’m very sorry for your loss.

  7. Couldn’t find your email. But got your comment on my blog. To answer your question, I don’t know exactly how I found you. I happened upon a blog written by a woman who was decrying women devaluing themselves by even considering a Sarah Palin. (Which would set we women back YEARS!) One link happily led to another, and I found you. Let me look back… Think I started out somehow on Rainy Day Thoughts on Blogger. Went from there. I think you’re the youngest person in all I found who actually “gets it!” If women don’t have the power to rule their own bodies, what do they have? Of course where I blog in the gardening and home format, I don’t find many “like-minded” people. So it is sheer joy when I do, regardless of what they’re blogging about!
    Brenda Kula The Brenda Blog

  8. Damn girl! You exercising enough? Walking and biking all in one morning? You go!

    Eric does the same thing except he scrambles his eggs and throws in chopped up corn tortillas ala Chilaquiles. Mmmm Tasty!

  9. J.,
    That looks scrumptious, but at my age, no matter exercise, it’s too many calories. 😉
    I’m at the oatmeal and prunes stage. (a little red wine in the evening is ok isn’t it?)
    I remember Gilad from too many years ago. I prefered to work out with his sister on her show. Duh, is that a surprise?
    After I built a two story garage with a gym on the 2nd floor, I stopped working out with the tv trainers and I miss them sometimes. The main thing is that I still work out!
    I went to the link for the Chron. that you gave me and was very pleased with their info break down. Thanks for passing that on.

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