Kick Ass!

My good friend Dorothy over at Autumn’s Mom Saves the World has declared me a Kick Ass Blogger! Thanks, Honey!  Now, of course, I’m supposed to designate 5 more Kick Ass Bloggers.  Hmmm.

I’m going to go all out and say that every blogger over on my blogroll deserves this title.  They all kick ass, often daily. Sometimes more than that even.  They make me think, make me laugh, sometimes make me cry.  I am not up to the challenge of choosing from amongst them.  Instead, I’m going to declare a few people kick ass bloggers that I haven’t gotten around to putting on my blogroll yet, for reasons that have nothing to do with liking their blogs, and everything to do with my own sloth.  Check them out, when you get a minute.

Suebob, from Red Stapler.  I went to her blog from a comment on another blog, and I really like her writing.  There’s something to the adage that misery loves company, too.  Suebob lost her sister just over a year ago, and spends part of each day missing the hell out of her.  Of course, that’s not all that her blog is about…she also writes about politics, prejudice against fat people, laundry soap, wedding showers, and so much more.  It’s a random type of blog, which clearly is my favorite type of all.

Jessica, from Daughter of Opinion.  Jessica used to be on my blogroll, but I took her off awhile ago.  Not because I tired of her writing, but because she wasn’t writing.  I kind of figured she was done with this bloggy thing, and pulled the plug.  She’s back, and her posts are as heartfelt and touching as always.  I’ll get around to updating my blogroll at some point, and she’ll have a place on it.

Simon, from Simon Says, if for no other reason than this post. I sincerely wish that we lived on the same continent at least, because he sure as hell knows where to go for some gorgeous dinners, and Ted and I would love to follow him and his wife around and enjoy as well.  Though we wouldn’t eat at his house, because for some reason, a french fry sandwich just doesn’t do it for me.

Remiman, from Under the Microscope.  Seems to be the kind of writer who truly thinks things through, and to me, that kicks ass.  Not that I always think things through, but it’s good to get those juices flowing once in awhile.

Metrodad.  I am hot and cold on this blog, but not for any standard blog-disliking reasons.  I like what he has to say, and how he says it.  He’s funny and honest, and amongst all of the mommyblogs I read, it’s nice to get a daddyblog in there once in awhile.  But my envy quotient goes through the roof when I see 80 – 100 comments on a single post, when I average between 8 – 15 on good days.  Sigh.  Still, don’t hate him because he’s popular.

Check them out, and tell them J sent you!

7 thoughts on “Kick Ass!

  1. Hi J. Thanks for the shout out. I can understand your feelings about the chip butty – it’s not for everyone. And I’ll certainly be looking to you for restaurant advice if we ever make it over your way on our travels.

  2. J,
    Thanks for the shout and the compliment.
    I learned to think things out the hard way, and got tired of chewing my toes. 😉

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