Dear Weekly Geeks

Dear Weekly Geeks,

I’m officially one of you now!ร‚ย  In case you don’t know, my bloggy friend Dewey is having a challenge where she gives a theme, and everyone participating either discusses it (where? probably in her comments, I’m not sure on that one), or posts on their own blogs about it. Sounded like it might be fun blog fodder, so I joined in. I’m starting to think that I’m a sucker for challenges, and that you all might have known that for awhile now. The theme this first week of the challenge is getting to know the other participants. We’re supposed to go visit 5 other participants, comment on their blogs, and then write about them. So, I did!

Dewey’s blog is a reading blog, so it wasn’t surprising to me to discover that most of the folks participating have reading blogs, too. Here are the five I went and commented on, though I peeked at about 3 times as many:

First the Food. How can you not go peek at a blog with a title like that? And, I got a yummy looking recipe for a pasta dish I’ll have to be trying soon.

Incitefulmama Hey, another blogger who will fess up to liking Panic at the Disco! Yay!

Stuff as Dreams are Made On. Mostly a reading blog, though there’s a bit of other stuff as well. She’s currently reading the Narnia books. LOVE those.

The Armenian Odar Reads. Another reading blog. Her reviews are full of heart and thought and make me want to go check out the books she’s talking about. I may be doomed.

The Literate Kitten. Looks to be more than a book blog, but also a random kind of “this is what I’m thinking” blog that happens to include lots of books. Which as you know, me likey. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, those are the 5 friends I found today, snooping around the internets within this challenge. Go check them out!

Thanks fellow Weekly Geeks, and thanks as well to Eden at NaBloPoMo, for the challenge theme of “Letters” for April.ร‚ย  It’s been a gas.



*Weekly Geek Graphic borrowed from the Weekly Geek Show.

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  1. Dew, I borrowed the logo from Weekly Geek Show…you’d have to ask them if it’s OK to use their logo for your challenge. My intent was to use your button, once there is one, but I wanted one for today. ๐Ÿ™‚

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