Delicious, Delectable, Daring Drama

This post is just for Melissa, who wondered how I would post about BSG with a “D” theme, since I’m doing the one letter a day thing. The real post is over here, written by the biggest BSG fan in our house, Py. Well, Maya might argue with that. They’re both huge fans.

Oh, and Melissa? Wish you lived closer, because we’re totally going to a BSG party. Big geeks out this way. πŸ˜‰

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5 thoughts on “Delicious, Delectable, Daring Drama

  1. hee hee! thanks j! wish i lived closer, too. none of our peeps are large enough geeks for bsg but for one, and she is in san antonio for the final four. we’re watching it solo tonight over a nice bottle of cabernet. cheers!

  2. J- I’ve really enjoyed the variety in your Alphabet posts. There’s just something different going on here lately and I likes it. XO

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