Drink me Wallaby Squash, Mate….

Does anyone but me remember Koogle? According to Wikipedia, it came out in 1971, and was discontinued sometime during the 70s. Gosh, I loved this stuff. Chocolate flavored peanut butter. What’s not to love about that? I’m not sure why we were allowed to buy this stuff, since we weren’t allowed to buy ‘sugar cereal’, but why ask? Just be happy and eat your Koogle. Look at the ingredients…is partially hardened vegetable oil the same thing as partially hydroginated vegetable oil? Hmmm.

My mom and I were talking the other day, and we were remembering these raisin cookies that we used to like, but which are no longer available in the grocery store. They are best known now as Garabaldi biscuits, and are made in the UK. But here, they were Sunshine brand, and they were called Sunshine Raisin Biscuits (a name sure to give Py, the raisin hater, the dry heaves).

Can anyone else sing the jingle for Wallaby Squash soda? Anyone? I can. It was kind of like a cross between Squirt and Mountain Dew, and it was very yummy. Didn’t last long, I don’t think. Pop on over to this page, if you’d like to see a list of no-longer-made foods, though it’s by no means complete, as it’s clearly lacking both Koogle and Wallaby Squash!

How about you? Any favorite foods you remember, that they don’t make anymore? Do you miss it, or are you glad it’s gone?

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14 thoughts on “Drink me Wallaby Squash, Mate….

  1. I remember koogle, but I didn’t like it. (I thought there was a google version of it that was pb and grape jelly.) I remember the raisin biscuits and loved them. I remember milk crackers (their name or our name for them– I’m not sure). They were a cross between a sugar cookie (without vanilla flavor) and a soda cracker (with salt). They were very bland and made by Nabisco(?).

    I don’t remember any unusual sodas unless you consider Hire’s root beer to be unique. I don’t know if it was available all over the country or not. It’s almost vanished from the shelves around here now.

  2. When I was *really* young, my Mum used to buy fruity drinks in glass bottles called the Pop Shoppe. They were so good. I also miss the appeal of potato chips coming in bags *within* the chip bag. Did they have that in the U.S.? Its been a long time though!

  3. I don’t remember any of the ones you have listed.

    But then I went to the site and got all nostalgic. They don’t make Astro Pops any more?

    And, I think my all-time favorite was Carnation Breakfast Bars. Mmmmm, even better than a candy bar!

  4. I think Scwans makes a version of the astro pop. It’s looks like one anyways. I’m pretty boring and they still make the junk I’ve always liked. I remember really not liking Goober PJ&J mixed in the same jar. What CRAP! I kind of miss the old ice cream man. Nothing like a carnation MALK to melt down your arm on a hot summer day. Remember the little wooden spoon that would break your first try at a bite?

  5. I’ve long suspected it. They no longer make Yum-Yums. Darn it anyway. I loved those things, used to say that when God said let there be cookies, what he meant was Yum-Yums.

  6. I’m glad that list had Marathon Bars on it (just so I know that I didn’t imagine them). A sheet of caramel lightly covered with milk chocolate. It took about 6 months to eat one and every filling in your head came out, but I loved them.

  7. Have you tried Nutella? That’s got hazlenuts and chocolate in it and it really tasty.

    I love Twigs crackers and can’t find them now.

  8. The raisin biscuits or Garibaldi biscuits are still available at The Country Store in Vermont. You can buy them from their catalog or online. I still get them once in awhile. Switzer’s licorice bars were my favorite and they are making them again from their original location, although they are licorice pieces now.

  9. Is this the stuff that came out in chocolate flavor, banana flavor and a few other varieties? I remember it or something like it.

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