Spotlight Saturday

At the Milliner’s

Spotlighting an exhibit that I saw back in September, that was based on the Milliner’s trade, mostly Degas, but not all Degas. The painting above is Renoir, called, ‘At the Milliner’s’. I liked this painting a lot.  Art can be subjective, so I will tell you what I see…I see women, tired at the end of a hard days work.  Work that they may or may not enjoy, work that they can take pleasure in a job well done.  But tired.  There is a certain dignity in that, again, whether or not they have enjoyed their job.


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3 thoughts on “Spotlight Saturday

  1. I love how Renoir always used a little bit of that distinctive Red in his work.

    It’s a magnificent thing, isn’t it, about Art? Anyone can look at it, appreciate it, and dislike it, like it, or feel unmoved by it. Someone can interpret the women in this an entirely different way, or he/she can decide not to delve that deeply at all, yet still have a reaction to the painting as a whole.

    It’s fascinating.

  2. See? That’s how I felt after work that day after Thanksgiving. It was super busy, but I felt a level of satisfaction after a good day’s work. 🙂

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