Turkey Day

Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving, with all of your favorite things to eat, with all of your favorite people.

While Mulder and I were out on our walk the other morning, I heard a story about the Turkey Pardon, where the sitting President of the US Pardons the turkeys that are sent to him for his table. Apparently, they used to get eaten, but now they do not. Kinda interesting. If you’re so inclined, here are a couple of things for you to read, some via NPR, some not.

The Strange History of the Turkey Pardon, from 2015

Obama’s Dad Jokes about the Turkey Pardon, from 2016

Here’s the Whitehouse.org page about turkey pardons.

Here’s the wiki about the custom of presenting a turkey to the President

Here’s the bit about Trump pardoning this year’s Turkeys, if for some reason you want to see that.

3 thoughts on “Turkey Day

  1. I’m kind of surprised the Trump pardoned the turkeys. He seems like the kind of guy to say, “Yeah, these will be delicious.”

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