Lazy Sunday

Redwood Trees

Here’s a picture of a redwood tree in our neighborhood, for Nance, who says they are one of her favorite trees. They are beautiful, though of course these are not the Giant Redwoods that you can see a couple of hours from here. They look a lot like pine trees, but so much prettier.

Today is a lazy-ish day, because I’m plopped down on the sofa writing a blog post. I have my library book nearby, which is due on Wednesday, so I need to get going on that. I’m a little over 1/2 way though, and it’s a pretty quick read, so I think I will make it.

Farmers’ Market booty

After Mulder and I had our walk this morning, I went to the Farmers’ Market for some Thankgiving things. Ted and I went to a different Farmers’ Market yesterday, where we got the acorn squash and pomegranates, but they didn’t have any Brussels sprouts, and I wanted a certain local honey, so I went again this morning. It’s that harvest time of year, when you can buy squash and Brussels sprouts, but you can still get tomatoes (not many though, too cold), blackberries, and strawberries. There were a ton of persimmons, but I didn’t buy any because none of us like persimmons.

My mom loved them, both the type that you eat when they’re crisp, and the type you let get all soft and gross. She used to take a month in November off of work and come to visit Californa. She would spend some time with us, then some time with her friend Kate, then Grandma and Aunt Flo, then come back here before going back to Juneau. One time she bought one of those ones that is supposed to get soft, but it was still hard. She left it at my house so she could eat it when she came back. It got really disgusting and soft, and Ted didn’t know any better, and he threw it away, a day or two before she arrived. She was crestfallen. And unlike the crisp ones, there was nothing to be done for it, because there wasn’t time for a new one to ripen before she left. Though actually, she may have taken one or two home with her, in hopes of them ripening there. That was so many years ago, I don’t remember for sure. Let’s just say that she did, and it worked out beautifully, shall we?

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4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. Thank you for the redwood! I love them all.

    I am currently on a Honey Search of my own, preferring to buy local. Which sounds wonderful and supportive, except that FINDING local honey is a bitch. My Amish beekeeper has decided that selling his honey at a distant farm market makes him more money, so he takes all his honey there rather than sell it at his stand. HOW SELFISH.

    Don’t you love how Brussels sprouts grow? I never stop being charmed by it.

    • That is mighty rude of him, to think of HIS needs rather than YOUR needs. I mean, really.

      Do you have a whole foods in your area? Ours sells local honey, as do a couple of other high end grocery stores. I especially like this particular brand. I complimented the beekeeper yesterday when I bought it, and he thanked me, saying, “It’s so good because I talk to my bees.”

  2. We had a persimmon tree in our backyard forest. We didn’t even know it was out there until we had the lower terrace built, and in the process of making space for the terrace the bull dozer guy knocked the tree down– then mentioned to me what it was. I’ve never eaten a persimmon, but had I known I had some I might have tried one. Opportunities lost…

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