Mulder Monday

Hi Everyone, my name is Mulder! My Medium-Boss said I could be a guest blogger today. Fun!

I’ve lived with my Big-Boss, Medium-Boss, and Little-Boss for almost 2 years now. It’s hard to believe, but some people say, “Time Flies”. I’m not sure what they mean.

I love my bosses, and I love my life. Yesterday, Medium-Boss took me on a walk that was very interesting. Lately, we’ve been going to a wonderful place called ‘Heather Farm’. It’s wonderful because there are so many interesting smells, and also interesting animals. Medium-Boss saw a turtle there once, and Big-Bosses sister said she saw an otter. There are a lot of birds, mostly geese and ducks. Geese are mean, and like to hiss at you. I would like to bark at them and show them who’s boss. Medium-Boss discourages this, who knows why. The truth is, that while I love my people, they are not very smart about safety and defense. They don’t understand why I get so excited whenever the mail carrier comes by, and I have to YELL AT THEM. But I do.

But I digress. Yesterday, when we were on our walk, we met 2 very familiar looking dogs, yet they were somehow not quite right. They looked so much like me and my brothers and sisters, but their hair was all wrong. Their person said they were called Norwegian Elkhounds. I felt sorry for them, because their hair was wrong, but I was very polite and sniffed their butts, like the gentleman that I am. Here is what they looked like.

Do you think their mommies love them and find them to be adorable, even though their hair is wrong? My mommy loves me, and keeps asking (via pee-mail) when I am going to visit her. I wish I knew.

6 thoughts on “Mulder Monday

  1. Oh Mulder you are so handsome, and quite a sweetie! I’m glad you have fun adventures.

    I’ll be those other doggies have a mom who loves them – they may look different, but they are probably just right as far as their families are concerned.

    • You’re probably right, their mommies love them, but I’m guessing they think, “I wish you were fluffy like Mulder!”

    • That is the newest mystery around here, isn’t it? Frustrating. I don’t like cleaning his poop off of the brick. Much easier if it’s in the dirt/leaves, etc.

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