3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. The fires north of us are in no way under control. There was a brief respite from the off shore winds that have been feeding the fires, but they are supposed to start up again tonight. So many people have lost their homes, have lost everything. Too many have lost their lives. And at this point, the struggle is to stay ahead of it and save lives, there isn’t really much possibility of putting the fires out yet. We need rain, badly. This is a dangerous time of year in California and many western states. Our window for rain is in the autumn (sometimes), winter (usually), and spring (sometimes). Everything just dries out in the summer, and conditions are bad. Add to that the winds, and it’s a recipe for disaster, which is exactly what we got this week. Disaster.

    So far, I do not personally know anyone who has lost their home or business. That could change, though I don’t have a lot of friends or family in the region. The air quality here is horrid, it smells like smoke outside and the sun glows orange through the haze.

    Beyond the tragic loss of life and the loss of so many people’s homes, the economy is sure to be hit hard by loss of wineries and vineyards. It’s horrible.

    P.S., I am working on getting back into things around the blog. Mentally at least, I haven’t done much other than mentally thinking about it. I will try to make some of it more cheerful. Life isn’t ALL gloom and doom, after all. It just feels that way sometimes. But we have had many good days, laughter and happiness amongst the other, more difficult parts of life.

  2. I have internet friends up there. One said his doctor lost his office and home. This has been so catastrophic in how fast it came onto the people. Very very scary and it’s not under control at all so far 🙁

  3. I watch the reports about the wildfires and feel so overwhelmed for my friends in California. Even if they are not in the way of the fires, they are still affected by them in collateral ways. It’s sad and frightening, and so much of California’s beautiful country and assets are lost.

    And that’s not counting the cost of the individual losses of each person and family who lost their home and precious possessions.

    It’s been a terrible year for so many and for so many reasons. We all need a bright side that is easier to see through the gloom.

    Glad you’re back. That’s one!

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