Presidential Cereal

I had a dream last night (or was it a vision?) of a cereal box with Trump’s picture on it.  I know, what a horrid idea.  I told Ted, and he went and found this picture, likely in order to torture me.


I mentioned it on Facebook, (which is where Ted put the picture), and my FB and prior bloggy friend V-Grrrl said that her nephew (founder of Air B&B) had presidential cereals back in 2008.  So I did a search for Presidential Cereals, and found these.  The Obama Os and Cap’n McCain’s are VGrrrl’s nephew’s.





image image

Good thing these aren’t around all the time.  I for one do not want to see politicians in the cereal aisle?

Do you have a favorite?  I’d try Clinton Crunch.

5 thoughts on “Presidential Cereal

    • I’d kind of like the mail in Trump Toupee for my dog’s Halloween costume, though since it’s November, I guess I missed that.

  1. Oh my. Thank goodness this election hasn’t invaded my dreams. Yet.

    I’m not a cereal person, but I love the slogan that eaters will be “full of it” for the flakes. Great one!

  2. OMG. I had a lox and cream cheese omelet planned for this morning, and the thought of Trump cereal will … make me relish it all the more. This insane campaign is almost over–hurray!

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