Throwback Thursday


Not much of a throwback, admittedly. This is Mulder on Christmas Eve, trying to be a good boy and waiting for Santa.

We live in a townhouse, and have a teeny tiny living room, so this is the tree that fits.  It’s built for an entryway, is very small and thin.   It’s perfect for us.  Though maybe we need a new one next year, as some of the pre-set lights are out.  Or maybe we’ll just get some new lights.  I tried at the after Christmas sales, but I couldn’t find any.

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

    • He’s totally charming, Nance, so very sweet. His fur isn’t as soft as it looks, more course, but very thick and lovely.

    • He had a very nice Christmas, spoiled with plenty of gifts. His neckwear was a hand me down from our sweet Genevieve.

  1. Cool to see Mulder! New dogs bring so much energy to a house, I hope you’re enjoying it. We’re busy with our new dog Nora, and it takes a lot of training, and she’s worth every bit of it.

    • Congratulations on your adoption of Nora! And you’re right, a lot of training. I’ve not had a puppy in so long. Mulder is 9 months now, and our last dog Gen was 4 when we got her. I guess I’ve forgotten how much energy puppies have.

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