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Sunday was a day in San Francisco, which we spent going to the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park, looking for Magnolia trees in bloom. It turns out it’s a bit early, even here in sunny California, so we didn’t see a LOT of blooms. OK, there weren’t many. But one thing I like about Magnolia trees (specifically, the ones called ‘Tulip Trees’) is how the branches and trunk look relatively delicate, and the sparseness of the branches with the beautiful pink and white flowers coming out, it’s somehow architectural or something. I love it.

Anyway, after searching the Gardens for Magnolia trees for awhile, then stopping by Ocean Beach, watching beautiful waves, smelling the sea air, and being amazed by the kite surfers, we decided to stop for an early dinner in the City. We couldn’t find our favorite Vietnamese place, wondering if it closed, so we decided to give a new place a try. Not new, but new to us.  The restaurant was Bella Trattoria, which we saw it covered on ‘Check Please, Bay Area‘ awhile ago, and when they talked about how good the gnocchi was, I knew I had to try it, sooner or later. We got there just when they were opening, so we had our choice of tables. The waiter was very friendly and outgoing, and was very informed about the menu and the wine list.

I am a super duper fan of gnocchi, so anytime I hear that a place has good gnocchi, I have to have it. So there was no question about what I would order. Except, actually, that there were two gnocchi dishes on the menu. What’s a girl to do? Order the dish with Gorgonzola, obviously. You’d be an idiot to not do the same. Not that others are idiots, because I’ve heard that a lot of menu items are really good. But for me, it’s gnocchi. So I went for the gnocchi verdi, which was spinach gnocchi with mushrooms and a Gorgonzola sauce.

(I didn’t take pictures…so these are taken from the internets…)
Photo found here.

Here’s a pic of my absolutely delicious gnocchi verdi. The gnocchi was light and pillowy, and made me want to try to figure out how to make spinach gnocchi at home, rather than buying the frozen or vacuum packed versions. The Gorgonzola sauce had just the right amount of Gorgonzola, not too tangy, but delicious. The mushrooms balanced the dish perfectly. Wow, that was good. I might have trouble ordering anything else here.

Ted’s was a squid ink spaghetti with seafood that looked a lot like this, except there was more variety of seafood, and the pasta was thinner.  Photo found here.

The only bad thing about this dish was a matter of taste, I think. The shrimp in the dish were shell on, which gives the shrimp and sauce more flavor, but makes it a bit more messy to eat. The spaghetti was squid ink…Ted said that the flavors of the seafood overpowered the spaghetti, so he’s not sure that squid ink tastes a lot different, but it was all a delicious treat.

Photo found here.

Maya had the rigatoni with Italian sausage and a cream tomato sauce, which she said was very good.  She’s fairly discriminating with her pasta, so I’m glad that she enjoyed it as much as she did. I would have expected her to order the butternut squash ravioli, as we have had that at home before, but she wasn’t in the mood for that. Perhaps too sweet.

Overall, I would highly recommend ‘Bella Trattoria’ to anyone living in the area, or anyone visiting San Francisco who wants to get out of the Union Square, Russian Hill, Nob Hill, Fillmore Street areas. There are plenty of wonderful restaurants there, but sometimes it’s nice to go out into the Avenues and try something a bit different. Yum. I hope we go back, and not TOO far into the future.

5 thoughts on “Bella Trattoria ~ San Francisco

  1. Your restaurant reviews are the best. This restaurant in particular looks exactly like a place that I’d adore. Pretty. Creative, but recognizable, cuisine. Just lovely.

  2. I’d definitely have gone for the gorgonzola gnocchi too.
    Paola’s gran used to make them. I’ll ask her if she still has the recipe.

  3. Usually, I’m not one to rank service as high as other elements when dining out, but it was refreshing to get such great service from the waiter. And he brought out that really nice dessert (free of charge) because he didn’t want us leaving without trying at least one thing on the dessert menu. 🙂

  4. You’re so good about getting in to the City and exploring! I have to admit, at the end of the workday I just want to commute home, and I’m not so adventuresome.

    Over the holidays we did track down the new venue for Original Joe’s (now in North Beach) and that was fun. Depending on commute, in the mornings I have taken to walking from the casual carpool drop-off or the Montgomery station down to the civic center, both for the exercise and to explore some of the city; otherwise my time in SF is spent in an office. Some day I’ll be free …

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