Vote Baby Vote!

Just in time for today’s election, we have a very one sided (but it’s the side I’m on, so yay!) reminder to get out there and VOTE, people.  Happy Election Day, and to those of you in swing states, I’m sure you’ll be THRILLED that this campaign season is OVER.

2 thoughts on “Vote Baby Vote!

  1. I don’t normally have the television on during the day anyway, so I am missing all the political ads in the daylight hours, but in the evenings they are nonstop. And the local and senate races have even infiltrated cable. Their absence is something I will treasure. Everyone here in NEO that I’ve spoken to have been tuning out the ads for the better part of a year anyway. (They started 18 months ago!) Tonight, I’ll watch the returns and hope that Florida and Ohio don’t hold things up, and keep my fingers crossed for several candidates that I voted for.

  2. Could there BE any more Grammar Mistakes in the above comment? I’d correct them all, but instead, I’ll just beg your indulgence and say, “I know they are there.” Sigh.

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