Thursday 13

Trying to think of a quick blog post for today, before I run out the door. 🙂 So here it is, 13 Things I did (or shall do) on my Summer Vacation.  Graphic from the ‘official’ Thursday 13 page.

  1. Getting my hair done today.
  2. Took Maya to the airport yesterday for her first solo flight…to L.A. to visit her cousin.  I hope she has a GREAT time.
  3. Went to visit Cherry and her new baby, Jacob, and her old baby (2 year old) Elizabeth.  They live near the airport, so that was a two-fer.
  4. Mailed some packages I didn’t have time to mail before now.
  5. Did some work.  Not much, don’t worry, but I’d rather nip some things in the bud than let them wait until I get back.
  6. Going to Santa Cruz to see The Fixx on Friday, I hope.
  7. Maybe going into the City to see a movie this weekend.
  8. Maybe going to the Music and Market tonight, which is a Farmers’ Market with live music.
  9. Went to meet Heidi and her friend Ken in San Francisco last Saturday.
  10. Finished my book, which I loved.
  11. Starting a new book later today.  It’s waiting for me at the library.
  12. Going to breakfast in a few minutes with Ted.
  13. Thinking we’ll have salmon for dinner tonight.  With garlic and tomatoes.

That’s it…also thinking some thoughts about other blog posts I might work on.  Also watched a ton of Buffy episodes.  We have them all on DVD, and I’ve been sucked in, yet again.

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