4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. My friend Liz gave me this little orchid a few years ago for my birthday. After the blooms died, I kept the plant, as it’s quite pretty. Usually when I do this, the plant dies. This time, I guess I’m doing something right, because only 2 years later, it’s trying to put out some new flowers for me. I’ve heard that they sometimes dry up and fall off at this point, so I’m trying not to get too excited. But I am hopeful, because it would be great to have some little flowers. 🙂

  2. Orchids are very particular so if you got it to put up a new spike and bloom buds, you are doing something totally right. Don’t change anything! don’t move it or change how often you water it!

    Um… why is the TV on the floor?

    • Cherry, we got a new TV, and that one was waiting for someone to come get it. Yay, flat panel TV! I was just reading about orchids, and the site I looked at said the same thing you said…DON’T MOVE IT! It also said that the most common reasons for them to not bloom is that they like more light, and they like cool nights. Not cold, but a 10 degree difference between night and day. I think I’ve only tried keeping them on my desk before, which is upstairs, so too warm for the temp difference, and ZERO direct sunlight. This one is in my kitchen window (though not in the picture, of course), so it’s benefitting from the morning sun and drafty window being cool at night. I hope it blooms!

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