Friday Randomness

Tacky wineI don’t have a lot to say, but I feel like I should say something…I mean, I like blogging, so I need to blog, right?  OK.  Here are a few random thoughts coming through my head right now.

Is anyone else exhausted by the coverage of the anniversary of the attacks on September 11th?  I know I am.  That day will never be forgotten…it was a horrid horrid day, and it was captured on video, played over and over again for all to see.  I don’t want to see those buildings falling, or people jumping to their deaths, or people covered in ashes, or the desperate ‘have you seen this person’ signs that surrounded the World Trade Center in the days and weeks following.

I don’t mean to suggest that we should forget, or ignore, or somehow diminish those who lost their lives on that day, or those who have lost their lives in the years since, fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It’s just that it’s exhausting.  The pain is still raw, and I honestly don’t want to be reminded every time I turn around of what happened.   Every single channel seems to be determined to spend the day talking about it, about what it means, what it did to us, what we’ve learned, what we haven’t learned, what we should have learned, what we shouldn’t have learned, from those attacks.  And maybe that’s important to some.  I’m just exhausted by it, and to be honest, I haven’t even been watching much at all.  And this wine gives me the heebies.  And, by the way, Liz at Mom 101 said this better than I did…and she has the double whammy of being a New Yorker, and September 11 being her birthday.

Ahem.  Um, I started a new book the other day, The Forgotten Garden.  So far, I’m totally sucked in.  I’ll give you a full report when I finish, as always.  Along the line of books, when I picked up The Forgotten Garden from the library, it meant I had to put aside Gone With The Wind, which I was re-reading for the elevety billionth time.  This time, though, I had decided to go back and start at the beginning, and read it all of the way through.  I’m a bit of a cheater when it comes to re-reading, especially books I’ve read as many times as I’ve read GWTW.  But that’s cheating, and you really do miss things.  And since I’ve not read it this way in probably a few decades, I have a different perspective on some things.  Yes, I still adore Scarlett for her strength and stubbornness, and I still want to slap her to sleep for mooning about over Ashley when he’s perfect for Melly, and she’s perfect for Rhett.  It’s annoying.  And I’m still horrified by the racism, and glad to put those days of slavery further behind us with every passing day.  But I feel like I understand the parents a bit more, and some of the side characters seem a bit more real to me now.  Kind of interesting.  Almost like I’m reading it for the first time, though obviously I’m not, and I know what’s going to happen and all of that.  Still.

It’s been hot here.  Mid 90s, which is hot to me.  But it’s not a heat wave, up over 100, and it’s a dry heat, and it’s been cooling off at night, so I won’t complain.  Much.

Genevieve isn’t doing very well.  There are a few conditions that she may have, but I don’t really want to spend the money to have her tested, because we’ve decided not to treat her for them.  The treatments aren’t easy, and for one possible condition, I think the treatment would probably kill her.  So we are just watching our sweet baby get a bit more confused, and lose her beautiful fur, and sometimes turn her nose up at her food.  Very unlike her up to this point.  And she has good days and bad days.  And we’re wondering, how do we know when it’s time?  How do we know that she’d be better off gone?  I need to make an appointment to talk to the vet, I think, to at least have that crappy discussion.  I trust her vet, and I don’t think we’re at that point yet, but I’d be surprised if she makes it to see 14, and none of us want to watch her suffer.  Sigh.

School has started for Maya.  No cheer this year.  She’s concentrating on school, which is smart, because she’s got a hard load.  She’s taking an AP European History class, which I never knew was different than an honors class, but it is.  It’s also a LOT of work.  Plus Chemistry, Algebra II, French III, and Sophomore English.  So it’s a heavy load.  Thank goodness for PE and Art to break up the day a bit, huh?  Anyway, that means a lot more homework for her.  Sigh.

Ted’s teaching a radio broadcasting class at a local community college this semester.  The challenges thus far seem to be completely different than the challenges he faced teaching more academic classes like Political Science.  I’m not sure he’s loving it.  As a matter of fact, I’m sure he’s not. But it’s still early in the semester, so I’m hoping it will get better.

Sunday is my Father-in-Law’s birthday party (today’s the actual birthday…Happy Birthday Danny!).  We’re having an ice cream social, where everyone brings their favorite flavor, and we all share and enjoy.  I’m wondering if I should make some toppings.  Or buy some, if I know what brands are good.  Also, I’m torn between coffee ice cream, which I love, and cherries jubilee, which I also love.  Decisions, decisions.  At this moment I’m leaning towards coffee ice cream, with some heath bar chopped up and mixed in, and then some chocolate sauce and nuts on top.  Mmmm.

My friend Cherry brought me some tomatoes the other day, and I made some delicious marinara sauce, which I then put over some pretty gourmet seeming raviolis that I got at Whole Foods.  It was delicious.  I roasted the tomatoes on the grill, which gave them a real smokey flavor.  I’ll probably post that recipe soon, too.  Just seems like my blog has turned into recipes and book reviews, and while that’s fine, I feel like it’s not enough.  Sigh.

Oh, I went to Stockton last weekend to see my Grandma and my Great Aunt, and along the way I stopped for coffee with a couple of friends from High School.  Sandy was a good friend, and I haven’t seen him in about 18 years, at my brother’s wedding.  He’s the guy who would take me to donate blood.  I fainted on him once, and he thought I was kidding around, and pushed me.  I hit the floor.  The nurse was HORRIFIED.  Poor Sandy.  He looks so different, and yet still exactly the same.  He’s a sweet guy, with a lovely wife and two beautiful kids, though it’s shocking to me that other people’s kids are getting older, too.  Anne, the other friend I met, lives around the corner from Sandy, and they are very good friends.  I remember her from High School, but not that well.  We didn’t hang out together.  I know her more because she dated my brother for a few months.  She was a great girlfriend, and I’m glad he dated her.  She reminds me of his wife, in some ways.  I’m glad he married Kathy, but I think Anne was the first girl friend he had who was really nice to him.  We all get a few frogs along the way, right?  He had his.  I’m glad he also had a few princesses.  Anyway, she’s all grown up now too, and married with a 17 year old son.  Wow.  Again with the kids growing up thing.  Between that and the gray hair, it’s getting more difficult to pretend we’re all still 18.

Grandma and Aunt Flo are both well.  It was great to see them, and they enjoyed the Baked Scampi that I made for them, and the yummy bread from Boudin Bakery (who knew Stockton would get a Boudin?  AND a Peets?  Crazy.  I wonder if it’s all those Bay Area transplants…).  I tried to get them drunk on wine, but they only had about 1/2 glass each.  Oh well, maybe next time.  I’m just so fortunate to have them both, and to be able to visit them and hear stories of the old days, and what distant cousins are doing, all of that.  My grandma…I love her so much.  She’s 88, and I know she won’t live forever.  Damn it.  I just want to enjoy her while she’s here.

Have a good weekend folks.  Commemorate September 11th in your own way.  My thoughts will go to those who have died, especially Mr. Abad.  My thoughts will go (thankfully) to those who didn’t die that day, but who could have.   I’ll put my flag outside.  And I’ll be eating ice cream.

8 thoughts on “Friday Randomness

  1. Hugs to you, Jules! It was fun to read a “Thinking About” type of post. 🙂

    I love that you re post Mr. Abad’s eulogy every Sept. 11th. I reread it every year, because he needs to be remembered. He was such a dear man, and his precious family must miss him so.

    I always watch a bit of the 9/11 coverage every year on the anniversary and find myself weeping. I have been surprised at how much coverage there has been in the weeks leading up to the anniversary. Some of the clips on the internet (yahoo news) have been really good for me to watch.

    It was an event so horrifying and so shocking that I think I’ll continue to grieve it for the rest of my life. It’s hard to believe 10 years have passed, and like you said, it is still so raw.

    Sending you lots of love and missing you, too. It would be nice to sit down over an ice cream sundae and catch up a bit!

  2. I agree with you and Mom 101, I don’t need to see the attacks to remember the impact of them. The 24/7 news cycle is such a desperate thing. Must. Fill. Time. … Must. Inflame. Emotions. Hence, we get weeks of “news” like this one.

    Maya’s year sounds very full. I never had the opportunity to study advanced sorts of courses in high school, so I’m kind of envious. It’ll be a lot of work for her now, but when she gets to college she’ll be so much better off. I played catch-up in many college classes while my peers had studied it all in high school. But not me.

    Sorry to hear about Genevieve, sweet old doggie. Watching the decline of a once playful pet is so difficult to bear. I think that you’ve done her good, as they say around here.

    I look forward to your next book review. I’m always interested in what you’re reading. I need to read more books that take me outside of my comfort zone. I tend to pick the same sorts of books over and over. It’s not that I dislike learning about other cultures, it’s that I never seem to have the time to find the books about them. Your reviews help me read new books. And that’s a good thing.

  3. Thank you for writing what you did about 911. I feel the same way. I can’t watch the coverage. It is just too sad and certainly a day no one will ever forget. I think that the over coverage is on the verge of sensationalizing the day and in turn being disrespectful. The sunday social for your FIL sounds wonderful what a great idea. Good luck with your pup. I’m sorry to hear that she isn’t doing well.


  4. Random musings on your Randomness:
    * I detest how it’s called “9-11”. Sounds horrid. Must we be lazy and shorthand everything for our own sloganization? For a while there, some people were calling it 9-1-1, like the emergency number. It was SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH. Can we not be dignified, even once, America?

    *Guess not, if we label wine as a commemoration. Tacky, sad, horrendous. NO ONE should buy it, but idiots will. And then hawk it on Ebay.

    *I’m sorry about Gen. It is difficult to know when you are caring for your pet or just caring for your own feelings in a case like this. Asking your vet is the best idea. It’s a quality of life issue, and of course no one wants her to be miserable or you to be miserable. Bless her.

    *Maya’s schedule sounds familiar. So many of my students in honors soph. English had one lots like it, many carrying other honors classes, no lunch period, etc. AP classes are no joke: tons of reading, notes, preparing for the spring AP test. Sophomore year is when things start to track and get serious, but she should still have some fun!

    Wow. Sorry to have blogged on your blog!

  5. I’m with you about 9/11. It was kind of a media black-out day for me. But I had the easy out of a Giants game on, and we had the Webster Street Peanut Butter & Jam Festival here (Skippy was first produced on the island).

  6. 9/11. I remember too well to want to go back and wallow in a kind of perverse nostalgia (“Remember the days when we were all so full of horror and fear and angst and the world was about to end?”) It doesn’t feel right. Not when so much suffering is still going on that’s directly related to what happened and the Anglo-American response to it. And it’s still too, too sad.

    Genevieve – well, I empathise all too well. But you’ll know when it’s right. But poor dog and poor you.

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