Happy Anniversary!

18 years already?  I’m not sure exactly how that can be, since it feels like we’re still in our 20s….

Thank you for being my husband, my best friend, such a wonderful father to our child, and for always being on my side.  It’s you and me against the world, honey.  I’m looking forward to the next 18 years of happy marriage to you, though not so excited to think about the wrinkles I’ll have at that point!  HA!

OK, here’s another anniversary video for you…

I remember when you used to make me mix tapes, and this song was on one of them…the next song was ‘Legal Tender’ by the B-52s.  Even now, some 20 years later, when I hear this song, I expect to hear that one next…

Thanks for the many awesome mix tapes you made me, the trip to Europe on our honeymoon, tea and toast at 5am before driving me to work back in the day. Thanks for time watching silly TV, going to movies and concerts, skiing, snorkeling, sailing on the bay. Upgrading to 1st class on the train, and on the airplane to Hawaii. Thanks for amazing dinners at wonderful restaurants, and wonderful home-cooked meals, where the secret ingredient is love. For days spent sleeping in, day trips to Monterey, driving to Canada and Washington DC. Thank you for fireflies and ‘You’re killing the pizza!’, ‘Don’t flour the fish!’, and sticky hot summer afternoons. Thanks for the love you have showered upon me for these many years, and for the love we share with our pickney. Thank you for being so supportive when I lost my mom, and the times I lost my job. Thank you for being my greatest cheerleader (you are the winner!) when I’m going out into it again, looking to start over again, one way or another. Thank you for our life together.

8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

    • Wow, really DWW? They’re mostly late 80s, early 90s, but I could try to find a few…might make a fun blogpost…

  1. Mixed tapes – how I miss those – I’ve got a few gathering dust but they sealed the deal for me too!!! I agree with DWW – it would be great to see the tracklist.

    Such a beautiful post. Happy 18th anniversary J & T – our 18th is coming up next month and I won’t be nearly as eloquent.

  2. Happy belated anniversary! What a sweet post! I liked how he used to make you mix tapes. I used to do that for my husband (well, boyfriend) back in high school and college! 🙂

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