Things I’ve Done…

(lovely art, titled ‘Regret’, found here)

and would like to never do again.  I saw this over at Suebob’s blog, and I thought it was genius.  So here goes…a list of things I’ve done, and would like to NEVER do again.  Warning.  This may get gross.

  • Get a bad perm
  • Vomit in the bathroom of a bar
  • Fall down while pushing my car, which was out of gas, and get dragged (drug?) across the street by said car, finally stopping when my car crashed into another car, and looking up and seeing that the car belonged to a guy in my French class.  Thankfully, his car was a beater, and he was in his 30s and didn’t care.  Tore a hole through my shoe.
  • Heard the word “Ginormous”
  • Fallen off a horse
  • Lost a beloved parent
  • Lost a beloved pet
  • Had diarrhea on an airplane
  • Had diarrhea in a department store
  • Had diarrhea at a water park (you’re sensing a theme here, with me and my tummy?)
  • Had my car break down on a dark freeway, alone, driving through the Altamont Pass
  • Bash my pinky toe on a coffee table
  • Have a boyfriend take his other girlfriend to Hawaii
  • Be laid off
  • Sleep in a tent in Yosemite (seriously, it’s the bears)
  • Have stoner girls make fun of me in Jr. High
  • Fail French class.  Yes, an F.
  • Ask a boy I really liked to prom, and he says no.
  • Play a cruel joke on someone I love
  • Make my mom cry
  • Lost a friend to inertia
  • Bit my dog’s ear (not Gen…Sam)
  • Have a stranger grab my boob at a party, in my house (I’m glad I hit him and made him leave, though)
  • Fall asleep in a meeting at work
  • Accidentally let Gen’s tail slam  in a gate
  • Break  a champagne flute that we received as a wedding gift from the pundit who married us
  • Eat a bad something that made me sick like a dog
  • Got a bad haircut
  • Hurt my friend’s feelings
  • Cut off the tip of my finger
  • Have mumps
  • Have chickenpox
  • Hear that George Bush was our president.  Twice.
  • See people falling from skyscrapers
  • Almost drown at a water park (better than drowning at a water park, though)
  • Over-react to stupid crap
  • Suffer from a bad case of flu, where I thought I might die.  Didn’t get close, but it felt like it.
  • Drink cheap wine
  • Cry myself to sleep more than once in a week

How about you?

7 thoughts on “Things I’ve Done…

  1. *LAUGH*

    The George Bush one is hilarious; AMEN. As far as the rest… OY and I’ve done some of those too, and sworn them off. Just bad.

    It’s a good list. Especially cheap wine. ;D

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

  2. Oh, J, I hate to think I’m subject to schadenfreude, but I found some of this amusing — I’ll have to punish myself appropriately, and then come up with my own list. Thanks for the notion — and you have my sympathy for much of it. Really!

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