I’m good at…

Good enough
It’s been a long time since I’ve done a meme. That part of blogging seems to have fallen away, like so much. Blogging has changed SO much. Anyway, I liked this idea, so I’m copying it from Issa at Issa’s Crazy World.

I’m good at…
~ Cooking dinner

~ Loving my family

~ Being true to myself

~ Going to the store for paper towels and lunch meat, then coming home with $100 worth of groceries, and still, nothing for dinner

~ Being a friend…most of the time

~ Being a wife…most of the time

~ Being a mom…most of the time

~ Overreacting when someone upsets me

~ Getting over it

~ Saying I’m sorry

~ Loading the dishwasher

~ Swimming

~ Finding things around the house

~ Staying on top of the laundry situation

~ Keeping the house relatively clean, though don’t open any closets, because they’re overflowing with crap

~ Being involved in my daughter’s life, to an appropriate degree

~ Staying in touch with family and friends who are far away.  Hi Grandma!

~ Letting go of grudges…most of the time

~ Letting family and friends know how much they mean to me

~ Spoiling my dog. Can’t help it. She’s a baby.

~ Work for my job, which I don’t really talk about on the blog. Not the appropriate place for it. But still, I like a lot of what I do, and the stuff I don’t like, I try to get through quickly.

~ Taking care of my body. As Gilad says, “It’s where your mind, your heart, and your soul live”. This doesn’t mean I’m in perfect shape. Far from it. But I mostly give it nutritious food, and I exercise 4 to 6 days a week. And I get all of the necessary exams and vaccinations.

~ Enjoying quiet time

~ Appreciating the gifts I have been given…a wonderful family, a healthy body, amazing friends, and a decent job that pays enough for us to get by. Not much more, but enough. 😉 And I know, that’s something to appreciate.

~ Grammar.  Not great, but good.

~ Remembering birthdays

~ Multi-tasking

~ Balancing my checkbook

~ Napping

~ Keeping my priorities in order

Your turn…what are you good at?

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2 thoughts on “I’m good at…

  1. (Good at avoiding listing things I’m good at.) Hey, did you ever read the Stuart Smalley book? Actually hilarious and really a wonderful self-help book in its own insidious way. It contains some fun but therapeutic catch-phrases (Face it, trace it, erase it) that I still toss around when I need to. I actually lent my copy to someone who needed a very lighthearted “rock of support” at a low point in her life, and she found it just the cheerful sort of prop she needed.

  2. I like your list.

    Yes, the grocery store thing? Man I’m good at that too.

    Meme’s are few and far between these days. Or so it seems. Possibly because if we’ve been around long enough, we’ve done them all.

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