Now I know where she got it….

Back before Gen went blind, this is the kind of playful she was. She loved to run around and sometimes spin. Now I know where she gets it…she’s half Sheltie! Watch some doggie and baby fun. Genevieve would say that maybe this dog is Mommy, since she says that about all Shelties. But I’m thinking this dog might be too young to be Mommy.

4 thoughts on “Now I know where she got it….

  1. That video is hilarious! and what a lovely dog who looks just like Gen!
    Makes me missing the old Gen when she had a lot of energy.

  2. That’s pretty adorable. Such a wonderfully playful dog! When our german shepherd was a pup he would occasionally go on a tear like that. A friend of mine still thinks of him as psycho dog because of the way he tore all around our yard once, during his visit. Thanks for posting it.

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