Monday Meme

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a meme, but in honor of my SIL, from whom I have never received one of these before, I decided to bring the Monday Meme back to life. And FYI, she watches What Not to Wear. I never knew. I pink puffy heart that show, though I haven’t seen it in quite awhile. Here goes:

Three names I am called:

1. Julie
2. Jules
3. MYOB (no, I’m not called MYOB, but I’m not telling the world Ted’s pet name for me. Some of you know. The rest of you, MYOB.)

Three jobs I have had in my life:
1. Cleaning out stalls at a horse stable
2. Front desk clerk for a hotel
3. Business Systems Analyst at a few software companies, under varying titles.

Three places I have lived:
1. San Francisco, California
2. Fairbanks, Alaska
3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(also Stockton, CA, Campbell, CA, and Walnut Creek, CA, FYI…plus Berkeley and a few others)

Three things I like to watch on TV:
1. Big Love
2. Lost
3. Check Please, Bay Area

Three places I have been:
1. Paris, France (where we honeymooned, and had the best meal of my life)
2. Belleville, Ontario, Canada (where Ted was born)
3. Las Vegas, Nevada (where I have zero desire to ever return)

Three people who email me regularly:
I’m not sure anyone emails me ‘regularly’ anymore. More facebook and IM these days, I guess. And of course, the blog.

Three of my favorite foods:
1. Potatoes. Chips, fries, baked, twice baked (um…Kathy, I’m ready), home fries, scalloped, mashed, sliced and roasted, whatever. I love potatoes.
2. Wine. Is that a food?
3. Soda. I know. Not a food. Not something of which to be proud. I’ve mostly given up my diet coke, but I still want it. Stupid.

Three friends I think will respond:
Who knows. Since I’m not sending this in an email, I hope some of my bloggy friends and Facebook friends will choose to do it. Via whatever medium you might choose. Perhaps my cousin Jenny, if she gets near a computer in the near future.

Three things I am looking forward to:
1. Going to see “Wicked” tonight!
2. Going to Portland to see family this summer.
3. Taking Ted to Alaska someday. After all these years, and he still hasn’t been. It’s so beautiful, it’s a crime.

Tagging? No, not tagging anyone. If you feel like doing this one, let me know. My ‘who links here’ thing is broken, so I don’t know when people link to my blog. So if you don’t leave a comment, I won’t know you mentioned me. πŸ™‚

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17 thoughts on “Monday Meme

  1. Like apathy lounge, I have no desire to go to Vegas. I do not gamble, not because I’m virtuous, but because I am cheap. I like to keep my money. Hell, if I find a dollar in the clothes dryer, I get ridiculously excited. And J., I am like you re: potatoes. I could eschew meat in favor of potatoes any day. I am especially fond of a good baked redskin or Yukon Rose, which is a cross btw a Yukon Gold and a redskin. Heaven!

  2. My missus is a big potato fan, too. She *loves* potatoes, and grow them in our garden.

    By the way, J, I’m sorely tempted to refer to you from now on as myob.

    • OBB, go for it. Call me MYOB if you wish. πŸ™‚ And your wife grows potatoes? I love her more every time you speak of her.

      Starshine, I’ll tell you the name, and the root of it, when we next meet in person, OK? Maybe for a rellano, maybe to meet your baby, maybe something else. πŸ™‚

      Fran, that sounds YUMMY.

      Nance and Apathy Lounge, I went to Vegas once, back in ’89. The current buildings were not there yet…no Luxor, no Bellagio, etc. The Mirage was being built. We stayed at the Friendly Frontier, where the front desk clerk was too busy looking at girly magazines to help us. We moved to another hotel that was much nicer, but they’ve gone out of business, so it doesn’t bother me that I’ve forgotten the name of the casino/hotel. We only went there because a friend of mine lived there and we wanted to see her whilst on our way to camp in Utah. Otherwise, I probably never would have gone to Vegas.

      I’m not a big fan of fake things, not a big fan of Disney either, and Vegas seems like a grown up Disney with crime and sex and booze. Nothing really good going for it. Nance, I am also cheap and like to keep my money. Or at least spend it on good wine or a nice sweater, not throw it down the toilet for criminals and big corporate gambling bosses to roll around in, naked. Ewww.

  3. Three names I am called:
    1. D
    2. Mom
    3. Hon

    Three jobs I have had in my life:
    1. Waitress
    2. Residential Treatment Counselor
    3. Nuclear Power School Instructor

    Three places I have lived:
    1. Lake Jackson, TX
    2. Orlando, FL
    3. San Diego, CA

    Three things I like to watch on TV:
    1. The Office, because Hubby and I watch it together
    2. Tom and Jerry because the kids love the reruns
    3. An occasional movie

    Three places I have been:
    1. Mexico City twice
    2. Jamaica with friends
    3. India

    Three people who email me regularly:
    My ‘can’t live without her’ friend, my husband, room moms from school.

    Three of my favorite foods:
    1. Walnuts
    2. Chocolate (lots of guilt with this one!)
    3. Navel Oranges

    Three friends I think will respond:
    No one. I’m just doing this because I love Jellyjules blog/writing style, I keep coming back!

    Three things I am looking forward to:
    1. A long hike to a place with a view
    2. Finishing the Christmas cards and holiday baking (I’m late this year!)
    3. Seeing what 2010 has in store!

    • D, you made my day. I don’t track who comes to see me, so the only way I know is through comments. I’m thrilled and flattered by your comment. πŸ™‚

      No guilt with chocolate. Remember, there are no ‘good’ foods, and no ‘bad’ foods, only foods that we should eat more of (vegetables) and foods we should eat less of (sugar and fat), but all is OK in its place. πŸ™‚

      Nuclear power school instructor? WOW.

  4. Hey, MYOB! πŸ˜‰ What a great meme. I’m going to do this one…maybe next year though. Can’t believe 2010 is just around the corner. Pretty crazy.

    Belleville, eh? We pass through there all the time when we go to visit my family!

    Love “Big Love”!! Can’t wait to see season 4 on HBO!

    Now I feel like having potatoes (baked, roasted, fried, scalloped…*sigh*

  5. I’d quit my job tomorrow if I could make the same money cleaning out horse stable stalls? No stress, plenty of exercise, and horse poop is the only poop I can think of that doesn’t stink?

    I might even search for a job in that expertise when I retire. Just for the extra income and the peacefulness of being around such noble creatures.

    Great post! You shouldn’t tease us with the secret nickname tater-tot!

  6. Waaaay back in December of 1976, when I was a college student, free of responsibilities and able to travel the country, I stopped in Las Vegas. Just to see.

    And it was some of the best people-watching I’d ever come across.

    Places like New York City are great, too, but they still have a proponderance of normal people.

    Vegas in ’76 was ten gallon hats from Texas and sheikhs and fashion models and all manners of extravagance. I looked at all the flashing lights on the strip and thought, someone is paying for this and it’s not going to be me. so I didn’t gamble.

    But I enjoyed the view. Now the strip is bypassed, and when I visited in Sept of ’02 I saw as many “normal” people (we know who we are, in our sweats and jeans) as anywhere else. Am glad I shook a leg and saw the country way back then; everyone who can, oughta.

  7. Ok, I know what your pet name for Ted is (only cause someone told me), but not what his is for you. It’s all good, though, I’ll MYOB πŸ˜‰

  8. Also can’t fathom the appeal of Vegas.
    Also could live on potatoes alone.
    Also, would be interested to hear more about that meal in Paris…

    • Simon, way back when I first started my blog, my goal was to write about local restaurants. That lasted a few days, and as a matter of fact, I don’t even think my first post was about a restaurant. Anyway, I wrote about that Paris meal here:

      No pictures, as this was long ago in ’93, and not a very well written review. But it was indeed an amazing meal.

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