Yaz(oo) ~ Only You


Yaz in the U.S., Yazoo in the U.K..   Either way, I really liked both of their albums, Upstairs at Eric’s and You and Me Both.  When they broke up and Vince (who was previously with Depeche Mode) went on to Erasure, I loved that, too.  Funny how he found a guy to sing that sounded so much like Alison Moyet.  I guess I was just a big fan of the synth pop sound of the 80s, huh?

There wasn’t an official video for Only You, just this, which sounds kind of….muddy.  If you care about such things and want better sound, listen here.  Want more?  How about Didn’t I Bring Your Love Down,  or Nobody’s Diary.  SO early 80s, huh?

4 thoughts on “Yaz(oo) ~ Only You

  1. Oh yeah……good stuff, I’ve still got Upstairs at Eric’s somewhere? Or maybe the ex wound up with it?? I brought her love down!!!!!!LOL

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