XTC ~ Dear God

One of my favorite songs ever, and one that sums up a lot for me.  A lot about atheism.  A lot about not being able to make the leap of faith to understand how the tragedies that affect so many people: earth quakes, tsunamis, sick asshats who kidnap kids and keep them in the basement, etc..  How can these things be explained in a world with a loving God, who at the same time, is involved in our lives and answers our prayers.   I can’t make that leap.  I know that many people can, and that a big part of it is being able to say, faith.  Faith.  That they believe that we cannot understand God, that His will is a mystery.  That his love is there for comfort, even if he doesn’t cure your dying child.  I can see that.  I just can’t get there.

3 thoughts on “XTC ~ Dear God

  1. When I first heard this song so many years ago, this became one of my favorites. I would sing it all the time without really hearing the lyrics. I can only imagine what my parent thought.

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