Until December ~ Free Again


There’s no video for this song.  As a matter of fact, it’s not a very easy song to find anywhere, probably because it wasn’t their most popular song, and Until December wasn’t ever big as a group.  But I loved this song, love the very 80s sound of it all.  Love the bitter lyrics, which while I don’t agree with them, there are certainly times in our lives when they feel very real.  Maybe right after a break up, for example.

Enjoy the crackles at the end of the song, proving that the person who posted this on YouTube ripped it from their LP.

One thought on “Until December ~ Free Again

  1. That was a pretty good album, but you’re, right: it’s a tough song to find online. You could’ve asked me to post the mp3, since I was able to get a copy for my Mix Six, but I know you like having the videos up there.

    After Until December broke up, there was a point in the early ’90s when Consolidated (the off-shoot band from Until December) was in high rotation in my car. 🙂

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