Translator ~ Everywhere That I’m Not

There’s no way that I was cool enough to have heard this song when it came out in 1982.  I was just graduating from Hall & Oats and deciding that I was into heavy metal.  And the radio stations that we got in the San Joaquin Valley in the early 80s sucked, so there wasn’t much chance of hearing it there, either.  Anyway, finally I met Ted, and he was cool enough to have heard this song, cool enough to actually own it, and he put it on a mix tape for me.  See why I married him?

Enjoy.  Back to the early 80s.

4 thoughts on “Translator ~ Everywhere That I’m Not

  1. HEY! I’ve never “graduated from Hall & Oates”! I still love them. The 80s are ten times better, in my opinion, than any of the junk masquerading as music that is out there now. That caterwauling calling itself R&B? All the female singers sound the same and all the male singers do as well. Rap? Sounds like nagging to me. And the lyrics to some of the R&B songs sound like they are singing whatever comes into their heads. Enumerating what is in my purse can be lyrics, I swear. Ick.

  2. I have to admit that I still love 80s music…even though I was only in elementary school then! 😉 I graduated high school in ’93…back when the big hair metal bands were popular. Actually, I think grunge and alternative music were popular then, because I seem to remember being a big fan of Nirvana, Our Lady Peace, Greenday, etc.

    Anyway, I’ve got something for you on my blog 🙂

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