Outfield ~ Mystery Man

This isn’t really a video, just a picture of the album cover. Sorry.

Back in the 80s, I was a big fan of The Outfield. I had a little rag top VW bug, which was foolish to put a stereo in, because it was ridiculously easy to break into (unsnap the homemade rag top, take what you want. Done. For faster access, slash the rag top, so J has to go have a new one custom made.) So, I had a little boom box that I took in the car with me, and I listened to cassettes that way. Play Deep was on seriously heavy rotation, and now that I have it on my iPod, I find myself cranking it up while I’m cooking dinner. I’m not sure if this is my super duper favorite song on the album, but it might be. I like it for the simple and stupid reason that they mention Mozambique. What’s gonna be wrong with a song about a spy in Mozambique, right? Besides, it’s a totally fun, take the top down on the convertible and enjoy the summer kinda song.