Hi All,

I don’t use a reader, I’m old school and click the blogs I want to read from my sidebar.  One of my bloggy friends, Joan, told me that my blog is coming up in Google reader with a bunch of pharmaceutical drugs next to it.  Once she clicks the link to my blog, all is well…

Has anyone else had this issue?  Any idea of how to fix it?  I’m on WordPress, but hosted on our own domain.  I updated to the newest version, but it made things kinda wonky, so I reverted back to my old version of WordPress.

Help?  Anyone?

UPDATE: It looks like this is a Google Reader issue, though clearly it isn’t affecting anyone. Maybe later I’ll do some research and try to suss out if it is only affecting people on WordPress, or if it’s random folks on all platforms. Our power is going to be out all day today, so no research today (Thursday).

3 thoughts on “Help?

  1. Hi J–

    I’m not much help I’m afraid… But I was going to email you today saying that I saw the same thing for your blog in my Google reader. Very odd! I think it started 3 posts ago or so. No idea on cause/fix.

    • I think that’s about when we messed with it, trying to figure out the new vs old WordPress. Dang. Thanks though!

  2. yea I noticed it too and started to email you today but then went off to the Internets and found that multiple people have found this Spamming thing within Google Reader. It seems to just be Google Reader.

    I figured there was nothing you could do about it and thought maybe it was a one off thing, but with this post I see it again so clearly it is going to be an ongoing thing. 🙁

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