The end of BSG

Last night was the final episode of Battlestar Galactica, though there will be a TV movie out this June, “The Plan“, and there’s the premier of “Caprica” to look forward to, if you’re so inclined.  Last night’s two hour episode was 2/3 of the finale, making me want to sit down and watch last week’s episode along with this one.  I have a feeling we may be doing just that later this afternoon.

Overall, if you weren’t a fan, there would be nothing to see in this episode.  But if you were a fan of one of the best shows on TV (The Best currently on TV, we would say around here), it was a heck of a way to end.  There was action galore, resolutions, moral redemption, and a few mysteries answered at long last.   The ship, the Galactica, was literally falling apart, and that was before it got into one heck of a fire fight with the cylon ship, but it had one last interstellar jump possible.  Where to jump?  How to know?  That’s where that frakkin’ song comes in.  I loved that touch, and the juxtaposition of the opera house dream sequence with the fight to save Hera.

The final touches of the show, I wasn’t sure about.  They were, in the words of one review I read, “Satisfyingly unsatisfying”.  We’ll have to watch it again.  I’m not sure what I would have done differently, and after all of the hell these characters have been going through, I was happy to see some good news and hope for a change.  Perhaps, after all, all of this will not happen again.

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6 thoughts on “The end of BSG

  1. I always hate it when something I love ends.

    I hope you guys all continue having a special family night on Fridays. Even without BSG.

  2. I haven’t been much of a sci fi fan for many years, but different friends have given me books to read recently; William Tenn’s “Of Mice and Monsters” (ostensibly because it had the ultimate philosophical sentence ever written) and Philip K Dick’s “The Man in the High Castle” which seemed to me more poli fi than sci fi. I really liked Dick’s book — but I’m off point.

    Sorry your program ended — I hope you find something else you like as much, soon.

  3. I read that review you were talking about. I think I may watch the last season on DVD. Caprica sounds interesting 🙂

    Did you watch Big Love last night?????????

  4. AM, yes, we watched Big Love last night. CRAP! If they had killed the girl who had been kidnapped, I swear I would have never have watched the show again.

    Wasn’t Margene CUTE on that QVC, with her baby and all?

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