6 thoughts on “Ready for BSG?

  1. Jealous…We don’t get SciFi channel here…guess I’ll have to check out this new series via NetFlix…I used to watch it waaaaaaaaaaay back when it first ever came on TV.

  2. I was tuned in, J.

    Oh that show makes me so mad! I can’t stop watching, but sometimes I want to shake the writers, just take their shoulders and shake them.

    The 13th tribe twist was cool. The rest of it? Argh!!!!! I hate it when they go for the most hurtful dramatic thing, just to keep you on your toes. I also thought the scene between Tigh and Bill was crude and poorly executed. Roslin’s actions weren’t that unexpected, she has a ruthless, destructive streak. The only parts I felt somewhat gratified by were the Leoben/Thrace scenes. Kinda knew she’d be discovering something like that, but there’s a straightforward grace to the Starbuck character, and even if he’s been creepy in past shows, I like Leoben. Last night he portrayed some of the caution and feeling that character is capable of. Hoorah.

    Lee sure looked good.

  3. I was really surprised at how dark the first show of the season was. I was disappointed with Roslin’s character, curling up a like some rolly- polly bug in self center ball of pity. Whew, got that out. Then the suicide thing. Geesh, that was just a shocker. it brought the cheese and crackers I ate back up to my throat. Well, it keep us on the edge of our seats, waiting with anticipation for next Friday’s episode.

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