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You wouldn’t believe the week I’m having!  Sorry, I forgot to say, “Hi Everyone, this is Genevieve”, but I was distracted by the week I’m having!  It started on Wednesday, which was a very bad day.  First off, I didn’t get any breakfast.  Medium Boss usually feeds me, but I think she forgot or something!  Then when we went for our walk, we stopped at the vet’s office!  I hate that!  Why should we stop there?  Usually when we stop there, whichever boss is with me stays in a little room.  The doctor takes me into another room and tells me what a pretty girl I am, and feels my soft fur and looks in my ears and mouth and weird things like that.  Then she brings me out, and I go back home with the boss.  I don’t like it, but it’s OK.

Not this time, though.  This time, Medium Boss brought me in, and left me there!  She walked right out the door, without me!  She looked so sad and worried, and I felt sad and worried, and I tried to tell her that if she would just bring me with her, neither one of us would have to feel sad or worried, but she was gone.  Then, they took me into a little room and made me stay there.  Did I mention I didn’t have any breakfast?  I was hungry!  Then I went into another room, and I fell asleep, and when I woke up, I felt really weird!  My eye itched, and my tummy felt all gross, and I really wanted some water and to go home!

Finally, a couple of hours later, my bosses came to pick me up.  I was so relieved to see them!  But guess what?  The doctor put a stupid plastic thing on my head, and tied it there!  And the bosses don’t seem to understand that I want them to take it off!  How dopey can you get?  Anyway, we walked home (we live really close to the vet…I wonder if we should move?), and they wouldn’t give me any food or water for a little while!  I was so sad!  I cried and cried, and finally Big Boss gave me some water, and then a little while later, I had some food.  Like maybe HALF of what I usually get, after not even having any breakfast!  But that’s OK, because my tummy felt weird (Medium Boss said it was probably the drugs they gave me to help me sleep…what?) and I wasn’t very hungry.  Then Big Boss gave me some sweet liquid in my mouth, which he said was to kill pain.  What?  Why kill?  Oh, pain.  OK.  Well, the liquid helped me feel really calm and sleepy, but then I didn’t want to eat any more.  Big Boss was feeling sorry for me, so he gave me the other half of my dinner, and I took one look at that and said, No thank you.  Anyone who knows me in person knows my tummy is feeling BAD if I don’t eat my dinner.  Here’s a picture of me on my bed after I had my medicine, ignoring my food.  See the cone?  Isn’t that humiliating!  Please bosses, don’t take me to the dog park with the cone!  The other dogs will laugh at me!

I had a hard night, and can’t really remember much.  I went outside and peed on other dogs pee, but I can’t really smell stuff with the cone on my head.  Frustrating!  Yesterday was a little bit better, though no matter how much I walked around talking to the bosses, they didn’t seem to understand that they should remove the cone. I hate the cone!  I wish my mommy were here.  She’d take the cone off for me.  Or maybe she’d take advantage of the fact that I’m slower with it on, and eat my food.  She’s doggish that way.  I love her anyway.  I don’t think I could drink milk from her boo boos with the cone on, though.  Stupid cone.  Medium Boss took this picture yesterday, to show how much better I was feeling. Better doesn’t mean good, though.  I still feel icky, and my eye itches, and the cone gets in my way so I can’t scratch!  I heard her say that I have to wear this thing for 10 days to two weeks!  Crapicola!

Send help.  Please.

17 thoughts on “Friday Dog Blogging

  1. Poor baby! My dog has only been coned once but that was more than enough. He would just hang his head like it was weighing him down.
    Glad to hear that Genevieve is on the mend!

  2. wow, 2 weeks is a long time. I hope it heals up really fast so the annoying plastic cone can come off sooner.

    That’s such a cute picture of little sad Gen with her cone.

    Oh and hey, Nice Slippers you have there Ted!

  3. Oh my gosh! I’ve been away too long.
    Poor Gen. I love the way she tells her her story!
    Beldar and Prymaat give their regards!
    Two weeks is a long time! That’s like 14 weeks in doggie years isn’t it?

  4. I’m glad Gen is feeling better today. She jumped on my lap a few times, but that cone is really frustrating her ability to get some good smelling in.

  5. Dear Gen, although we’ve never met, I feel as if you know deep within my soul. You have described my feelings and emotions exactly. My only advice for you is to realize that the 10 days will pass and you will be your old self. I know of what I speak. (Speak? Arf arf arf!) My cone came off and my stitches have been removed. My big boss had been calling me Trumpet Head. Hope your bosses continue treat you with love.

    Corrie the mutton-head with a piece of ear missing because my cousin bit it off. And swallowed it.

  6. You know, I’ve never really seen a creature look anything but ridiculous with a plastic cone on it’s head, but that last shot of Genevieve…

    she looks soft, intelligent, adorable. It’s clear from her expression that the circumstance she finds herself in is through no fault of her own.

    What a lovely pet.

  7. She is so sweet-looking. I hope Genevieve’s recovery will be swift and complete. (I’m glad to her she thinks of you and Ted as her bosses–I have a friend who is pretty sure their cat thinks of her and her husband as “the apes.”)

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